Women in Golf
Ladies Day
Every Tuesday morning the course is reserved for the ladies members to play in their weekly competition.
The 18 Hole players will tee off from 9:30 am and the 9 hole players will tee off from 10am.
Visitors are most welcome to come along and play with the members and enjoy a lunch in the clubhouse after the round.
All of our tees have been rated for both men and women so you have the option to play from the tees that you feel most comfortable playing from. 
If you are just starting out and learning to play golf and do not feel comfortable to play with others, you are more than welcome to tee off on the front 9 from 10.15am onwards behind the other ladies competition groups.
Beginner Golf 
Karori Golf Club wants to make it easy and enjoyable for beginners to play golf at our club. When just starting out playing 9 holes can be a lot, the layout of our course allows beginners to play a 'shorter course' over fewer holes such as holes 1-4, and holes 1-7, before committing to 9 or 18 hole rounds.
As a beginner it can be quite daunting when heading out to the course for the first time. Golf New Zealand has created a 'It's Okay' set of rules for those coming out for the first time to better enjoy themselves on the course.
It's Okay:
   - To not keep score
   -  To tee the ball up wherever you like
   - To forget about a lost ball and just hit a new one
   - To pick up in the middle of a hole and enjoy the walk
   - To only count swings when contact is made with the ball
   - To use the same club for every shot and putter on the green