Youth/Junior Progress
A start has been made

Youth/Junior Progress
Work is underway to develop activity for our younger members, and their friends and families.
The following actions have already been taken.
1. A short course for Juniors is to be developed in conjunction with Wellington Golf.  This course will be set and rated so that our younger golfers can print cards, play and obtain a handicap. 
2. Work is underway to develop a regular Sunday program of coaching and playing activity to involve our younger golfers (in their peer groups).  Details of this will be announced in another update soon.
3. Encourage our younger members to use the club house after their golfing activities.  Refreshments and activities will be key to this.
4. Investigate membership options for families and young people so that access to golf at a younger age is not prohibitive.  Encourage our younger members to bring their friends along with them in the hope that it may encourage other young people and their families to join in.
5. Continue to improve our practice facilities, in conjunction with Course Supervisor TK Ross.
6. Youth/Junior Tee times to be set up.
On a trial basis, four tee times from 12.36pm from Sunday 7 April have been reserved for our more competent youth/junior members to use to enjoy golf with their mates.  This trial will run for a month at which time something more permanent will be established.
7. Develop relationships with schools/secondary schools in the area (or the catchment) for the golf club.  Some work has already been done in this respect and more is to follow.
8. In time, acquire the services of an accredited NZPGA professional to further develop the skills of our members who are playing regularly and/or who have completed a course of basic training to be offered by the club.
It is important to note that the success of this venture will depend as much on parent involvement as on the club itself. 
Our new staff member, Clayton Willocks is keen to take a lead (and has already made some significant progress).  Any parents who would be keen to help out on a rostered basis to help organise a days program from time to time can make contact with Clayton through the club email ( or by phoning (04) 476 7337 to speak with him.
There is some early good news.  Two of our youth members will be playing Inter Club for the Karori Golf Club this weekend, one for Division 12 and the other for Division 9.  We wish them the best this Saturday.
As always, your feedback is valuable. 
You may contact me direct on my email,, or my phone +64274461650.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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