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Good morning golfers
I have had some feedback about the font size for our publications and I have found a bigger font to make it easier for people to read. 
Sunday 21 January was Opening Day and what a magic day it was.  The weather behaved, lots of happy golfers showed up and the scoring was hot.
We were informed by the instigator of the "Auld Quaich" Bob Cavana about the history of the competition and the very trophy itself.  I for one was unaware of the history behind it as I am sure were most of those present.
A modest prize pool was available for the well performed golfers and it is to be hoped that in 2025 the Juniors will join the event.  With the coaching about to start and a program to be put in place, more of our junior members may feel a bit more affinity with the club.
My thanks to all who made the day a great event particularly the organisers of the Sunday groups; Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies.  Thank you to the bar staff and the green staff for all their "mahi" for the event.  Nothing could have been any better.
Our next event is an annual favourite and will be played on Saturday 24 February (tee time 11am, Multi Tee Start - tee bookings will be closed from 7.30am for casual golfers) and it is our traditional match with the Diplomats Golfing Society. 
Each year the Diplomats commence their season at Karori and by all accounts they enjoy the day with us.  The 24th is free of any other events (for example there is no inter club that day) and a good strong turn out of members to honour the diplomats would be most welcome.
The Prizes and a morning tea are provided by the Diplomats Golfing Society.
Entry online is available through the website now, and will go up as on the banner on Monday 29 January. (  You may also email the club ( or call up (04) 476 7337 and speak to a person.
So, once again, lets pack the course and have another great day playing together as a club.
1. Upcoming events
Two events are up for entry on the website right now.  First we have Bogey Cup to be played over two rounds (first round is this Sunday with the second one the following Sunday) followed by the Nes Baird, Sunday 18 February (for golfers over 50 years of age) also on the website.
The Shootout is up and running.  To date only four entries have been received.  It is a full year event with a final played in early December.  The top 19 golfers make the playoffs.  Entry is $25.  You may pay in the clubhouse but make sure when you pay that you ask that your payment be coded to Shootout.  So let's make this a big event for the year.
A reminder too that Autumn Cup starts this week (Saturday) for our non inter club golfers.  Make up your own fours and enjoy the competition.  This is a best of six rounds competition played as five stableford rounds and five par rounds.  Points are accumulated on this basis, 10 points for first in the round down to 1 for 10th irrespective on the size of the field.  The current Autumn Cup holder is Chris Pearce. 
2. Volunteers Day - Thursday 25 January 9am
Inter club starts this Saturday with three clubs visiting Karori to play against our teams and we wish to get some final tweaks made to our course.
Ngatau Hemopo will be organising the day (I am in Auckland until Thursday afternoon).
TK will have a list of duties that need attention and we normally do as many of these as we are able to.  If you have a weedeater you may wish to bring it with you.  The club has three and more may be needed.  Also, bring gardening gear with you (rakes of various description, spades and so on), wear sturdy footwear and a pair of gloves is a good idea too.
There will be some tidyup around the clubhouse too.  So there is something for everyone to do within their own individual capabilities.
Lunch will be provided by the club at midday.  It's  been traditional that following a bit of effort around the place that a nine hole event be played and staff will be able to help set this up.
Meet at the clubhouse at 9am for your own individual deployment.
3. Sunday Results
a) Opening Day - "Auld Quaich" - Best Stableford
A field of 45 played on Sunday in perfect conditions.
In the Women's Division the Winner was Rose Rigarlsford on 39 points from Annie McNaughtan on 38 and Sarah McNaughtan on 37.  Congratulations Rose on a fine result.
The Men's division was won by Wayne Cook on 43 points from Kevin Kane 42 and Bob Cavana 38.
Wayne Cook, scoring 43 points, ended up with the best stableford and won the Auld Quaich, and in traditional Scottish fashion made short work of a Dram of fine Whiskey.  Again, Congratulations Wayne.  Wonderful golf.
I would put up the Sunday Club results, but, these are exactly the same.  So if your name is on here, then it is on the Sunday Club Results too.
4. Golf this week
a) Women's Events.
Summer Eclectics:
Women golfers starting from today there will be three competitions in place and every one of you can record your eclectics for the year. If you are a nine hole player you tick eclectics any day. Women who regularly participate in the women’s’ competitions tick own club day eclectic (Tuesday or Sunday) All other women members tick any day eclectics. Dot golf identifies your best score on each hole and marker and adds the scores up as a cumulative total. At the end of the season half your playing handicap on that day is deducted from the totals to determine a winner. This is an easy way for everyone to participate in a club competition and allows players to keep track of the holes they play well on and concentrate on improving those which present a challenge. Hoping everyone will participate and find it enjoyable.
Denise Marten Women’s Club Captain
A reminder too that our women are playing on Tuesday.  This is the Women's Open Day with the 9 hole players playing a Russian Toulette from the front 9 and the 18 hole players playing their round 1 Medley, Strokeplay. 
b) Wednesday Competition
This event is open to anyone and everyone.  Visitors welcome.
Be at the clubhouse by 10.15 for the disc draw ahead of the 10.30am tee time.  $5 pays your entry fee and buys you a raffle ticket.  The fields are showing signs of returning to the halcyon days of yester-year.  Come along and enjoy the fun.
c) Thursday Twilight
alt text
This event is growing well too.  Mid afternoon/Evening tee time on a Thursday followed by a gourmet barbecue. 
Lovely to see Darren Hiroki scoring 22 points playing off a 1 handicap.  Pretty solid effort Darren.
d) Sunday
Back to normal for Sunday Club.  Join in with the Shirties, Matts Mob or Gaskies (particularly good for first time players of clubday, new members, and anyone without a regular grouping with which to play.  For the Gaskies be at the picnic table by 8.45am for the card draw ahead of the 9.06am tee time. 
For those who enter, Bogey Cup, first round.
Eclectics continue until the end of February.
And get in to Shootout.
5. WGI Inter Club 2024
Three teams are playing at home this round.  Tee bookings have been made for each team with club golf before up to 7.52am and after, 10.05am.
Division 2 are playing Masterton (8.48am), Division 9 are playing Boulcotts Farm (8.06am) and Division 12 are playing Manor Park (9.30am)
Please do exercise tolerance and patience.  The course will be packed and by its very nature inter club generally takes a little longer than normal.
Once again this season the course will be marshaled by Terry McAlister to keep the field moving at an acceptable pace.
As for the inter club trials/challenges the Eddie Deonarian Cup was won by Seth Campbell and the White Tee (Div 12 Team) series was won by Captain Norks.
Good luck to all our teams this season.
That's all from me this week.
Enjoy the golden weather and get as much golf as you can.
I'll have more to say next week.
Don't forget volunteers Thursday.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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