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Good morning golfers
A big vote of thanks to our greenkeepers on the course. 
A lot of work has gone in to getting the playing surface in good order and it shows.  The practice fairway is coming on a treat and there is more to come.
Thank you too, to the volunteers who have assisted.  Every little bit helps.
It looks as if the issues with the lake and pumps are now sorted out so everything being even we should now have irrigation to our tees and greens.  Number 10 green will need some renovation as a result of the dry weather over the last few weeks with minimal moisture but in the circumstances disaster has been averted.
Next job to be done is the drainage and we should have more to advise on this in the next couple of weeks.
A hearty congratulations to Chris Pearce who shot 81 on Saturday being three shots under his age.  This is a marvellous achievement. Almost as good as your hole in one on the fourth hole not that long ago.  Apologies for revealing your age...
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Well done also to Adrian Porter, Scott McHardy, Jon Lyall and Seth Campbell who played the longest day on Saturday.  I haven't heard how much was raised for the cancer society but it was a mighty effort.  The golf was quite impressive with Jon Lyall taking out the top spot from Scott McHardy.  Best stableford of the day went to Adrian Porter. 
Inter Club preparations are well underway with first matches being played on Saturday 27 January.  Three of our teams will have home games (DIvisions 2, 9, and 12) with Div 5 away.  We have a number of new players who have emerged and our teams are looking reasonably competitive this year. 
As it is inter club season, it is also Autumn Cup time for our regular Saturday players.  This is a ten round event playing Stableford and Par competitions in rotation to find an eventual winner.  Best six out of ten rounds (3 best stablefords and 3 best par results) to find the eventual winner.  It is not necessary to play every round.
We are launching a membership drive aimed at former members who may have either moved to other courses or may be looking to get back in to golf.  We will be offering a deal to those who have been away from Karori for two years or more ($995 for 16 months).  We have a couple of other ideas in mind too, to increase our membership, but we will see how this works first.  We could easily absorb another hundred members with minimal impact on access tee times available to our regular golfers.  You may know people in this category so feel free to encourage them to come home.  Remember, for every member you bring in we give a two month extension on your membership.  Let's give this a good go.
So, on to the rest of the report.
1. Opening Day -  "Auld Quaich" Best Stableford
This is being held this Sunday 21 January, tee time 8.30am.
Register at the CLub House from 7.30am.  The club will supply Tea and Coffee.  Please bring a plate with some goodies on it, and some money for a raffle.
You may enter on line (, emailing the club ( or calling (04) 476 7337 and speaking to a person.
Entries are coming in so come along and join in for a fun start to the year.
There will be a modest prize pool including divisions for Women and Juniors.  It would be great to see some of our juniors come and play.
I will follow up with a further reminder later in the week.
2. Bogey Cup
You may enter this competition on line.  (See the link above).
In order to play in these trophy events this year entry is needed.  Only those who enter will be able to select the competition when they print their card.
This is a two round event.
3. Golf this week
a) Women
It's the womens day on Tuesday (tomorrow).  Events have been organised for the day including the Summer Cup.  There are also 9 hole and 18 hole eclectics going.
b) Wednesday Competition
This competition is underway and a couple good fields have been evident recently.
This is open to anyone, and you are more than welcome to come along.  Be at the club house by 10.15am for the disc draw ahead of the 10.30am tee off.  $5 entry fee covers the competition and buys a raffle ticket.  It is always a fun day out and recent scoring has been pretty hot.
c) Thursday Twilight
alt text
Everyone is welcome.  It's a great way to enjoy our summer weather.  Good golfing and great food.  Teeoff from late afternoon.
d) Inter Club Matchplay Trials - Saturday 20 January
All the normal "suspects" and others have been notified of the last trial match ahead of the inter club season to be held this Saturday, tee times from 8.13am.
Come along and print a card off.  I'll do the draw prior to first tee time trying to give everyone a good competitive match.  There will be a winner of the Eddie Deonarian Trophy decided after this weeks matches.
If you are keen to be included in an inter club squad please contact me at my home email ( or txt me +64274461650. 
e) Sunday Golf
Along with the Opening Day "Auld Quaich" the Sunday Club continues in conjunction, or for those who are unable to make the opening day, independently of that event.  It was the most popular competition last season and should be so again this year too.
4. Golf results
a) Inter Club Match Play
The best score on the day went to William McNaughtan who shot 79 from three otherson 81 (Fergus McDougall, Mark Peck and Grant Pollard). William, Grant and Mark had 100% win records while Fergus had a 66.66% win record.
It was good to see Richard Hopper and Stefan Bright, new to the inter club set up, playing in the trials and against stiff competition.  These are two definite strong players for our squads.  Watch them go this season.
b) Sunday Club
Top of the pops was Graeme Couper with 42 points, from Ian Dumbleton 39 and three others on 36 including the best of the women on the day Denise Marten.
There were issues with the card printer as the competition defaulted to Blue Tees early in the morning but this was corrected swiftly.  Apologies to anyone who was adversely affected.
5. Shootout 2024
You may enter this competition on line (once again see above for how to do this).  It is a full year event with a playoff for the top 19 golfers for the prize money. 
You may pay your $25 fee in the club house thereby saving yourself the surcharge from paying online. 
You need to enter the competition to select shootout when you print your card. 
Come along and get involved.  It is a lot of fun and the mind gets keenly focused the further we get in to the season as the final qualifying slots are sorted out.
6. Volunteers Day - Thursday 25th January - 9am Start
There is a lot of "tidy up" work needed around the course (clearing debris from under trees to allow rough mowers access without damaging the cutting blades), weed eating in various places, divots to be repaired, gardes and club house tending, emptying rubbish and those sort of things.
Meet at the club rooms at 9am and duties will be assigned.  There will be something for everyone to do.  Lunch will be provided by the club. 
This is a final clean up before other clubs come out to our course for inter club so let's get the place looking fabulous.
That's it from me.
Enjoy the summer and play as much golf as you can.  A bad day at golf is always better than the best day working.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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