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Good morning golfers and Happy New Year
This is the first for 2024. 
I thought I would start with a couple of points before moving on to other things.
First, this years competitions will be appearing on the website well before they are to be played.  I would be very pleased if you all would familiarise yourselves with the website and use the events page to enter competitions.
Not every competition will be subject to multi tee start and it will be possible to make up your own fours and go, but those that are do require an indication of numbers in order that we can be sensible about available tee times for those that are not able to play in an event.
Right now we have three events on the website; Shootout 2024 ($25 entry), Opening Day "Auld Quaich" Best Stableford (21 January) and Bogey Cup (28 January).
Go to the events page, click on the banner for any/all of these and enter your details.  Note for the Shootout you do not have to pay online.  You may pay in the clubhouse.  This is a really fun event, the top 19 golfers qualify for the end of the year playoff.  However it is not possible to play a shootout round without entering the competition as entry enables the selection when you print your card.
As a result of feedback from last year to play in an event you will need to enter the competition.  Most of our events have no entry fee so online entry is very simple.  The only issue that crops up is when there is a fee.  Just complete the form and pay the fee in the club house.
While entry online is preferred you may still enter by using the sign on sheet which will always be on the notice board in the downstairs foyer or by emailing the club at  It is also ok to phone in (04) 476 7337 and speaking to a person.
It's also Happy New Year to all our staff.  All the green staff are back as of today.  I hope this year brings TK and the crew good news.  They certainly have had their share of challenges last year.
One member chatted to me yesterday and said that he was available to volunteer to help with the course.  We have been vey fortunate over the recent past with the number of volunteers we have had.  Right now people who can use weed eaters would be valuable.  Also there is great value in taking some sand and seed and filling in divots through the green.  There are plenty which could be tended.  I do intend to organise a working bee in the next couple of weeks.  Watch this space.
Finally in this section of what I have to say, please. leave penalty stakes and distance markers alone.  Yes they are movable obstructions but (good luck getting a distance marker out of the ground) with a club length placing through the green there should be no need to move them.  Move your ball instead.  I have a couple of hours work ahead of me getting all these back in place.  And whoever tried to move the 135 marker on 15 has broken it off.  All for a golf shot? Please use your head in these circumstances. 
1. Golf this week
a) Women are playing on Tuesday.  There are a number of competitions loaded for you.  I'm not sure if the days are organised just yet but I'm sure that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful settled weather forecast for this week.
b) Wednesday Competition will be going ahead this week too.  Be at the club house by 10.15am for the 10.30am tee time.  $5 pays your entry and buys a raffle ticket.  Everyone welcome.  There was a good field last week.  Come and join in the fun.
c) Shootout has commenced.  You will need to enter and pay your $25 for this year long event.  Your best ten rounds over the season determine your eligibility for the Finals in December.
d) Eclectics are going for both women and mixed fields.  Select eclectic when you print your card.  Your best score on each hole counts towards your finishing position.  It's anyones to win at the moment.  have fun
e) Miner Arms is progressing.  Kevin Kane and Garth Mickell have set a cracking pace although Terry McAlister and Ossie Santos showed what was possible with their 47 points recently.  And lurking not far behind are Gail Kirkland and Wayne Cook.  It's great to see the improved numbers in this years event.  It could be a close run thing. In order to be fair to all golfers the short tee on 15 will remain until Friday 26 January when it will need to be moved back for inter club on the Saturday.  So get your games in before then.
f) Inter Club Challenge is also progressing well.  44 golfers are competing and leading the field having completed his 10 rounds with room to improve is Jon Lyall.  Adrian Porter needs a couple more rounds but is closing the gap quickly followed by Grant Pollard.  This could be close folks.
Leading the "white tee" contigent is Gail Kirkland from John Stubbe.  Several others are not far behind.
There is still plenty of time to get your rounds in.  And the weather looks like it will cooperate.
g) Inter Club Trial Matches are being played this Saturday 13 January from 8.13am.  All the usual suspects have been messaged but we are always on the look for more players.  If you wish to be considered for inter club contact me on my personal email, or txt me +64274461650
As you will see there is a lot happening already on the competition front.  When you print your cards you will see a myriad of things to enter.  Take a moment or two to work through them so that you enter the things you wish to and don't miss out on what you would like to play.
h) Sunday Club Day is well underway now with Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies back in action and numbers will swell as members return from holiday. Gaskies is for everyone who may be without a game, new members and anyone who wants to join in.  Cards are at the picnic table by 8.45am for the 9.06am tee time.  I will be doing the draw this week so come along all.
i) I'm not sure what is happening to Thursday Twilight right now but keep watching for updates.  It's a really fun evening.
2. Longest Dayalt text
Adrian Porter, Scott McHardy, Jon Lyall and Seth Campbell have registered for the longest day.  There is still time for others to do so too. This tees off very early on Saturday morning 13 January
It is a fundraiser for the Cancer Society and here are the links to Adrian and Scott's fundraising pages:

Adrian Porter -      

Scott McHardy -

Lets all give them as much support as we can for this worthy cause.

3. Preferred Lies

On my travels recently I checked out (note did not play - no clubs) other clubs approaches to placing.  The vast majority now use a club length placing.  One question I have been asked is that if the use of preferred lie gets one out of the rough on to the fairway is that ok.  The answer is yes.  Check out the PGA when they use preferred lies.I intend to continue this as a practice this year.  The only thing that you will need to check will be whether or not placing is through the green, or on all mowed areas, or on your own fairway, or at all.  This will be printed on the card you print off.

Preferred lies through the green will remain until 26 January when we will return to placing on own fairway to accommodate Inter Club.  No lost ball in the rough will also remain until 26 January.

4. Please be careful around our trees

A group of us on Saturday putting out on 10 were startled by the thud of a falling branch at behind the 11th tee block.  It was sufficiently scary that I moved the tees from their place on the white tees to behind the yellow tee.

A good number of our trees are dead or dying and their strength is compromised so please take care.  Branches fall indiscriminately with no warning. I'm sure that the course committee which will meet tomorrow will be considering what happens next.

5. Sunday Club Day

Thirty four golfers competed in Sunday Club Day.

Overall winner was Arthur Howard on 41 points from Dick Borgdorff and Laurie Cook both on 40.

Of our women golfers best was Ossie Santos on 38 points from Luanne Cockburn and Gail Kirkland on 36.

Hot scoring to the extent that DotGolf reduced the standard scratch by a shot. Very unusual for Karori.

That's it for this week.  Ill report back next week.

Please note that I'm always available for feedback which is best done through my private email or txt +64274461650

Mark Peck

Club Captain.


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