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Club Report - Broken Irrigation Pump

Good morning golfers
The irrigation pump that waters the tees and greens has broken down and is in the proces of being either repaired or replaced.  The decision to repair or replace will be made after a final inspection tomorrow. The pump is very old and from all accounts has not been maintained at all in the last twenty years.
There are two immediate effects: 
1. All the staff have been pulled off cutting the course with all efforts going into the pump repair.   All mowing of the course in the next few days will be undertaken by volunteers.
2. TK advises that because of this and that no water will be getting on to the greens, in order to preserve the good grass cover that is now evident, he will not cut the greens again until the pump is repaired.  The obvious effect of this is that the greens will become very slow. As a practicality members may want to adopt a two putt rule on the greens.  Have a putt and try to make it.  If you miss add another shot to your score and move on.
Once the pump is working again regular cutting of greens will commence.
Members are asked to exercise tolerance and patience during this process. 
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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