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Good morning golfers
This will be the last Captain's Corner for 2023.
I want to wish all members and their families a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.
I am not going to rehearse what has happened through the year but true to say that the club has gone through many changes and challenges and at the end of it all we still have the best little country course in the region.
Our challenge next year is to increase our membership.
I send out 364 "Captain's Corners" every week and of that number 90 recipients never open them.  A look through our membership categories shows a total of 135 full playing members, 18 introductory members and 17 members between the ages of 26 and 31.  In total therefore we have a total active membership of 170.
We do have quite a few special categories which get us to 364 including a very strong junior membership (for whom there is a lot more that we need to be doing) but our membership numbers are far too low for a healthy golf club in a city.
We could easily double our membership without congesting the course and in doing so increase our competitive base.
We already have a deal where a member who introduces a new member gets a two month extension of their membership and much more will be happening in the new year.  Details of all this will be announced shortly.
Everyone can help with this.  As Karori Golf Club Members you are our best advertisement.  Feel free to encourage friends and colleagues to join up with us and enjoy our course and golf club.
1. Shootout 2023
It was week three of dodgy weather this Sunday but the Shootout was held "come hell or high water".  Sheriff Norks started the field with appropriate mood music (Shootout at the OK Corral).
"Horses" dropped off hole by hole while we reached the money round.
In finishing order 9th "Timbo" Richards. 8th Garth Mickell, 7th Stu Preston, 6th Darren Riley, 5th Ryan Du Plessis, 4th Grant Pollard, 3rd Russell Turner with the final being between Geoffrey Lee and Sheriff Norks. 
Geoffrey made a number which would have one searching for the "Karori Moose" while Sheriff Norks honoured his opponent by birdying the hole to win.
Well done Norks!  The hard luck story of the day goes to Russell Turner who made Par at the 16th hole but lost to the other two "horses" who also parred the hole but had shots.  That's golf.
Shootout is already on the 2024 Golfing Calendar.
Enter and join the fun in December 2024.
alt text
A couple of runaway horses at the 18th hole.  Congratulations Kevin Norquay, and Well played Geoffrey Lee.
2. Please don't enter the lake...
Recently our lake has been a bit empty and the temptation to get in to pick up golf balls has existed.
The lake is dangerous.  Entry is strictly forbidden.  The club could get in to all sorts of trouble in the event of a serious event not to mention what could happen to an individual concerned.
Signage at the lake is very clear.  Entry is strictly forbidden.
alt text
The message is pretty clear!
3. Summer Golf
Golf over the summer is loaded on the calendar.
a) Miners Arms
Round 1 of the Miner Arms needs to be played by the end of December 2023.  At the moment three teams are entered on the board.  Come on and get your mate to join you for this event.  It is a four ball better ball stableford event over three rounds, one in December, one in January, and one in February.  The team with the most stableford points at the conclusion of the event wins the trophy.  If there is a tie a playoff will occur at a time to be mutually arranged.
b) Summer Eclectic
This is loaded for both Men and Women.
Select the competition, put your card in and the computer will calculate your gross score across as many rounds as you choose to play.
I have had some feedback that the eclectic should be available every day and the competition will be amended to do so.  Scores should get very low.  The eclectic will end at the end of Febraury 2024.
c) Inter Club Challenge
This is also loaded on the calendar.  Select the competition when you print your card and you are in.  The player with the best aggregate over ten rounds at the end of January will win some "bling".
4. Golf this week
While I am not sure what competitions are organised (if any) this week this is what is happening...
a) Women
Our women are playing on Tuesday, both 9 and 18 holes.  Come along and join the fun
b) Wednesday Competition
Be at the clubhouse by 10.15am for the disc draw ahead of the 10.30am tee time.
$5 covers entry and a raffle.
Again, come and join the fun.  The last couple of weeks have seen an increase in numbers which is quite encouraging.
c) Thursday Twilight
alt text
Says it all really.
This is a really fun evening.  Again, get along and enjoy the conviviality and good food.
That's all from me for 2023.
It's been a blast and I hope you have enjoyed your year.
As mentioned earlier have the best of the festive season and come back refreshed for 2024.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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