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Good afternoon golfers
Our Annual Meeting is this Saturday at the Club House at 9.30am
Apart from receiving reports the matter of most importance is the election of committee. 
Our Treasurer Marcus Henry is retiring and we are looking for someone to fill his shoes.  This is a specialised task and with the complexity of accounting responsibilities requires a professional.  Ideally someone in the club with an accounting background or an accountant will step up and fill the position.  Marcus is going to be aroud until March when he will be away for a while and will provide a new treasurer with a good orientation into the role.  As in all things it does require someone to put their hand up and I am hopeful that one of our members will do exactly that.
Recently we sought to raise a large sum of money from our members by way of a lifetime membership for $20K. The purpose of providing this class of membership as a one off was to give us the cash to buy a new rough mower and to get the drainage completed by the end of summer.
I am delighted to report that the uptake of the offer has been exceptional and we have enough for the mower and enough to complete the course drainage.  I want to acknowledge and thank those who contributed.  It is a win win for the club in that we have the capital to do what needs to be done and that the effects in the out years will be minimal on the balance sheet.  An appropriate acknowledgement will be given to those who have availed themselves of this opportunity.
At the risk of appearing incredibly grumpy I am starting to become very concerned that we are being seen as the course for the "hackers". 
No one wants to deprive a beginner of the opportunity to play and enjoy golf, we were all beginners once but some rules need to be adhered to.  For instance, no more than four players to a group, each player to have a set of clubs (we have reasonable hire sets available at the club house), maintaining an appropriate standard of behaviour respectful of others on the golf course, Looking after the course by replacing divots and repairing plug marks, and an appropriate standard of dress (collared shirt).  Consumption of alcohol on the course must be discouraged.
Sadly on Saturday afternoon the "hackers" were in evidence and showing no consideration for golfers to follow.  I actually sent a couple of groups off the 5th tee to get away from them.  Of most concern was that a group of women looking for a game right behind this group were less than impressed with the standard of behaviour being displayed and the very obvious lack of golfing ability on display.  One guy took an almighty divot out of the first tee block and hit the ball about ten meters.  Obviously it was going to be a slow day.
I think we should have a dress code, we should ensure everyone has a set of clubs, we must insist that no more than four players go out in a group and we must question dress standards.  Tee shirt and a batman cape are hardly appropriate dress for a golf course. Boorish loud yahooing behaviour is unappreciated.  Obvious beginners might better be encouraged to spend the afternoon beating balls on the parctice range.  They are not likely to inconvenience anyone and can hit to their hearts content.
The word is getting around that we have little or no standards, anyone can get on the course and if you get to the course after the staff are away home then you don't have to pay.
If we want to retain members and encourage new members to join we need to ensure that the golfing experience is enjoyable.  We are now in Summer and are heading in to the holiday season.  We must have sufficient staff on at all times to ensure that we are not treated with disrespect.  This means two staff on at all busy times, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. 
It also means we may need to staff up in the evenings until the "freeloaders" get the message that we are monitoring the course.
Which brings me to another point. How do we know if they have paid or not.  The old bag tag was very useful in checking this.  Sure it's low tech but might be very necesary these days.
I shouldn't have to mention this at all.  This is a job for the manager and I hope he makes sure that this sort of unwanted behaviour from certain "visitors" stops.
Enough of this.  Let's get in to it.
1. Inter Club 2024
The first of the matchplay trials was held on Saturday and was well patronised.  A number of new players were evident and had reasonably successful days.  The shot of the day belonged to Nicholas Mills who holed out on the first hole from the right rough for an eagle.  The cheer could be heard for quite some distance.
The next trial game is on the 16th of December.  All the usual suspects have been notified.  Tee time 8.13am.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you are available to play.  After this trial we take a break until the new year when we have two further games on the 13th and the 20th of January.
I will be meeting with inter club captains before Christmas to go through indicative squads.
If you are keen to be included in the inter club setup please also let me know.
You can reach me on, or my email address, or txt me +64 274461650.
2. Sunday Golf
The weather was the winner.
Shootout has been postponed to this coming Sunday 10 December, tee time 8am.  Once again if the "horses" could let me know if they are still available to play it would be appreciated. (,, +64 274461650)
The "GOAT" was also postponed until this Sunday coming too as I understand. 
3. Golf this week
a) Women our women are playing on Tuesday this week and the 9 hole Shootout is happening.  Sheriff Denise will be keeping the horses under control in the race for the cash.  Good luck everyone.
b) Wednesday Competition is having it's closing day this Wednesday.  There are a bunch of goodies prizes etc to be presented and it should be a bumper day.  Be at the clubhouse by 10.15am for the disc draw ahead of the 10.30am tee time.  $5 pays the competition fee and buys a raffle.
This will be a fun day and everyone is welcome. 
c) Thursday Twilight
alt text
The Poster says it all.
Come join the fun this Thursday.
d) AGM and Christmas Cheer
The AGM (as mentioned) is at 9.30am in the club house followed by Christmas Cheer Golf (18 hole and 9 hole categories) half an hour after the close of the AGM
This is always a fun day and doubles as a final prize giving for any remaining trophies to be handed over. 
No entry fee, but come alone and enjoy the day.
e) Shootout
This Sunday 10 December 2023 tee time 8am.  All club golf will be off the 10th tee to allow the shootout horses use of the course during the elimination process (one horse at a time).  Captain Norks is the Sheriff - it will be voluble and it will be fun.
Sunday School will have something to say about this I am sure, and, Friday Flash may as well.  Some intrepid GOAT's wanted to play last Sunday.  Sanity prevailed in the end.
alt text
g) Miner Arms
This is a Fourball Better Ball Stableford event played over three rounds (one each in December, January and February). 
Grab a mate and enter.  You can play at any time you wish, simply nominate that you are playing your Miners Arms, make sure you have a "marker" and go to it.  The scoring ball on each hole must be holed out.
h) Summer Eclectic
This is up and running. 
Play any Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holiday from now until the 28th of February.  By selecting the competition and entering your score the results take care of themselves.  Hence, there is no need for a paper record on the notice board.
4. 2024 Golfing Calendar
Denise Marten, Adrian Porter and I will be finalising the 2024 calendar and opening timesheets as necessary.
A number of competitions were not played last year and we will look at appropriate dates for these if there is a demand for them. 
Most importantly there will be 10 Monthly Medals, A regular Sunday Competition, and Club Champs for the year.  It is hoped that our women will be able to have a Club Championship too.  We'll see how it goes.
5. Longest Day
alt text

Adrian Porter -      

Scott McHardy -

Click on the link to support Adrian and Scott in their Longest Day Challenge, raising money for the Cancer Society.  There is still romm for more of our members to join the Longest Day event which Tees off on Saturday 16 December 2023.  It's a worthy cause.

And that's a wrap.

I hope to se you all at the AGM and for the golf afterward.  Enjoy the good weather and get out for a bit of golf when you can.

Mark Peck

Club Captain.

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