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Further Call for entries, Things to do

Good morning golfers
A full Captains Corner will be sent later this evening but there are two things of immediate importance.
1. First of all entries for Halberg Day
This is a10.30am tee time on Saturday and we can use a lot more entries.  The entry fee (proceeds going to a very good cause) is $15.  Registration is at the club house at 10am (earlier if you can).
Enter online (
alt text
2. Volunteers Day
There will be two of these this week.
The first on Thursday (organiser Mark Peck) at 9am at the club house.
Please wear sturdy shoes and bring your gloves.  Also bring any gardening gear with you too.  Anyone who has a weedeater should bring this with them if they can.  The Club has two stroke fuel available.
TK will have a list of duties to be completed and we will work off that.  There will be something for everyone to do.
The second is on Friday (organiser Matt Roche) and the same pre requisites apply.  I think Matt is a bit more relaxed about start time but again there will be duties for everyone.
In both the Thursday and Friday groups, the club will provide lunch (12(ish))
This is our final push before the Halberg Day and the Champion of Champions.
Note, you don't need to let us know that you are coming, just turn up and meet at the club house.
That's all for this morning.
I'll put out a full report later thsi evening.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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