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Good morning golfers
Progress is being made on the course renovations.  It won't be too long now before the greens will be putting well and will be speeded up in time for the City of Wellington Classic.
We already have some top entrants (a couple of people in both the men's and women's fields who are on plus handicaps) so a quality field looks very likely.
Entries from Karori are lagging a bit so get your name registered as soon as possible. 
You can enter on line at (, or by emailing Keith (, or by calling the club and speaking to a person (04) 476 7337, or by signing the entry sheet in the downstairs foyer. 
It would be great to see our top golfers footing it with some of Wellington's best.
Most certainly this should be a must do for our former and prospective inter club players.  For our more social golfers, Division 2 is well suited.
There is a good prize pool for both men's and women's fields with Gross, Nett and Stableford prizes as well as incentive prizes (two's, pins, longest drrive). 
In the men's field there are two divisions, divison 1 being for golfers with playing handicaps up and including 13, and division 2 for playing handicaps from 14 upwards.  There is something for everyone.
The tee time is 9am with a multi tee start.
Entries close at 5pm on Friday 3 November in order that a draw can be completed.  There will be no post entries on the day.  So enter today.
The course will be closed to casual players all morning up until 2pm to facilitate the field completing their golf.
So let's get the field full and pack the club house again.  Nothing better than a happy clubhouse.
1. Women's Golf
Once again the weather is going to disrupt Women's Golf today.  It's sad but there's nothing much we can do about the weather.
Recently I have written to Fiona, Gail and Denise to see what we can do to revitalise golf for our women members.  I am most keen to see us organise an event to consider the way forward.
The drop off in formal golf is not just a problem for Karori.  I happen to know that at Manor Park they struggled to get a field for their Silver Club Championship.  While neither our Silver or Bronze Club Championship has been played this year (and also for a few years previously too) it does look like our nine hole women will have an event.  Go well with this.
Once I hear back from my letter I will contact all our women members about next steps.  Feel free to leave comments about what golf you would enjoy so we can start to put together an agenda of things to do.
In the meantime after discussion with a couple of our top women golfers, I have decided to enter Gail Kirkland in the Champion of Champions being held at Karori on Sunday 26 November.  As you will be aware Gail performed credibly in the Junior B club championships finishing third in the Stroke Play and making the quarter finals in the match play.  She will be a worthy representative for the club.  Congratulations Gail.
2. Juniors
There has been some planning progress now for our Junior members.  Adrian and one of his colleagues are keen to start coaching on a day(s) to be determined and set up a program for a junior club.
Keith is being briefed on what resources this will need and again a message to our junior members will go out shortly. 
This is a positive move and should produce results. 
Looking through our Junior members lists we have enough competent golfers to enter a Pennant Team with WGI but we need to speak with those players, their parents, and our coaches before doing this. 
Again, I am aware that some parents made conrtact with the club last year offering to assist where they could.  Please renew your interest so we can make a good start.
3. Wednesday Competition
There is a need for this competition to get a significant boost.
Not so long ago the carpark would be full on a Wednesday as mostly people "of a certain age" turned out to enjoy a game and convivality at the course.  There were the usual lies told post round, some lucky punters won raffles and the prize pool was always hotly contested.  It was impossible to get on the course until late afternoon to accommodate the field.
While it's not just about our senior citizens (always nice to see our younger members out too) it is true that they make the bulk of the field.  The 10.30am tee time takes care of the creature comforts and the club house facilities ensure for a good aftermatch catchup.
As the weather improves, chuck your clubs in the car and get out to the course.  You should be in the club house by 10.15am for the disc draw ahead of the 10.30am tee time.
Everyone is welcome.  Feel free to encourage any mates you may have from other clubs to join us too.
It would be great to see all the draw discs being used with players off every available tee again.
4. Membership Drive
It is no surprise that golf clubs are always on the search for new members.  We are no exception.  We could easily stand another fifty to a hundred members on our books without it compromising anyone's ability to access the course. 
We have an introductory membership at $895 for anyone wanting to join from another club and we are also offering a two month extension of membership for any of our members who introduce a new member. (Note I said last week it was three months - silly me).  So if you encourage someone new to join there is a benefit to you.  If you think about it, if you get six new members to join you get a full year extension on your subs!
The committee has set up a sub committee to promote a membership drive and more details will come to hand shortly.
5. New Committee Members
The Annual Genral Meeting is but a few short weeks away and we can always use new blood.
There are several vacancies on the committee; we are short of women on the committee and wouldn't it be great to have one of our Junior members on the committee too (maybe as a civic's project).
If you want to know more feel free to contact any committee member, and I am happy if anyone wants to chat, for them to contact me at my home email
6. Volunteers
A couple of people turned up last week from a call for volunteers, so thank you to them for their efforts.  Every little bit helps.
Keeping a golf course up to standard is a never ending task and volunteers help do the "1% things" that are important to the look of the course.  Divots being filled in, streams weeded, debris removed from the fairways, gardens clean and tidy - all of these things matter.  These are all jobs we can do.  It is our course after all.
I am going to call a working bee before the City Of Wellington Classic to do a number of these things.  The club will provide lunch and any tools you will need to bring with you will be advised.  As is becoming normal a nine hole golf game will follow the mornings work.  Watch this space and a notice will be on the downstairs noticeboard.
One thing we could use is for people to volunteer to repair divots on our fairways and rough.  We have four par threes which leaves fourteen fairwawys needing regular renovation.  Anyone who would like to volunteer to look after a fairway, could you please let Keith know at (  You will get the use of a cart, TK and the boys will supply you with a sand and seed mix and you can do your work as and when you wish.  This is going to become more important as I intend to take the placing through the green off as the rough gets more manicured and we get closer to the City Of Wellington Tournament.
7. Sunday Golf
a) Monthly Medal
This was won by Jon Lyall with a net 68 from Matthew Roche 70and Simon Petre 71
b) Sunday Club Day
Top of the pops was Martin Currie 38pts on countback from Jon Lyall 38 and Matthew Roche 36.
There were some intrepid golfers out there on Sunday following the rugby and inspite of the inclement weather.  At least it didn't rain!
8. This Weeks Golf
a) Wednesday Competition
I've had enough to say earlier about this. 
Turn up at the club house no later than 10.15am for the disc draw.  $5 gets entry to the competition and buys a raffle ticket.
b) Thursday Twilight
This has started off really well. 
$20 gets you entry to the competition (nine holes off the short tees) and buys you a gourmet barbecue dinner.
Tee times from late afternoon.  Good prizes and much hilarity in the clubhouse afterwards.  Make this your pre Friday wind down evening.
Everyone welcome regardless of golfing ability.  Some of the quirky rules are designed to help you have a really fun time.
c) Sunday Club Day
Shirtees, Matts Mob and Gaskies support Sunday Club Day.
Come along and join one of these groups who will be more than welcoming.
If you are on your own, at a loose end or new and wondering what it's all about, arrive to the picnic table by 8.45am for the card draw ahead of the 9.06am tee time.  This is a great way to get involved in golf at Karori, you will meet new people and its lots of fun.  There is always plenty of good banter in the club house afterwards.  We'd love to see you all there.  Affiliated visitors welcome too.
9. Trophies - Please Return
Some of you have won trophies this year. 
Now is the time to return them so that we can get them to the engravers.  Please put a sticky label on them with your name to save us searching results.  Once returned, you will need to win them again if you wish them to adorn your mantle piece once more.
That's all for this week.
The weather forcast for the remainder of the week is looking promising (if not a little windy) so enjoy your golf. 
Get those entries in asap!
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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