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Rain, rain go away...
No golf for two weeks now!
Nothing to report and the green staff must be pulling their hair out wondering when they can get back to their course renovation work.
All attempts to progress the club championships have come to nought and we are relying on a break in the rain from Thursday before the rain is due to return again on Saturday.
No golf for our women, no Wednesday Competition (this competition never cancels - today is the exception).
Golf only on the unsanded front nine for now. But only if you can put up with the rain.
The long term forecast for early October is a bit better.  Let's hope that this is the last bite of winter.
I see that Wellington Water is starting to advertise water restrictions so it's a likely pointer to a hot dry period.  This should not surprise us in view of the Northern Hemisphere summer of record temperatures.
All the same we can only make the best of it.  well done to the club champ players who turned up on Sunday and got as far through as they could before conditions became ridiculous.  Hopefully the quarter finals will be completed by the end of Saturday so the semi-finals can be completed on Sunday.  Club Champ players, I would encourage you all to try and complete before Saturday which is looking particularly inclement if you believe the forecast.
The good news is that there is a plan B which will go in to effect in the case that we are unable to complete the quarter finals by Saturday. 
On Thursday last season's inter club captains will meet to review the season that was and start planning for 2024.  A number of new players have revealed themselves during the club champs and will receive invitations to get involved.  It's hard to believe that it is happening so soon, but it is and there will be a trial series announced soon.
Just around the corner too the Twilight Golf season will commence.  More detail will become available from the organisers soon but put a ring around Thursday 5 October as their start date.  A special announcement will be made soon.
And there are some events coming up soon too.
Here we go!
1. Club Championship Finals
These will be held on Sunday 8 October (weather permitting) and we are inviting all members to come out and watch our top golfers battle it out for trophies for 2023..
There will be the Championships and for the first time there will be a plate final for the 'unlucky' first round losers.
We will also run a Stableford Competition on the day for all those who didn't make it to the sharp end as well as all those who would have competed if they could in order that we can celebrate the success of those who ultimately triumph.  An entry button will be on the website from later today, so enter or let me know on my home address and I will enter you in the event.
2. City of Wellington
This will be held on Saturday 4 November and is our pre eminent tournament for 2023 which doubles as a Wellington Golf order of merit tournament.  You may enter the tournament by going to the website and clicking the link
There is both a mens' and a women's competition and entries are already coming in.  The entry fee for Karori members is $40 and there is a good prize pool.
3. Summer Eclectic
This will commence the first Saturday in December (2 December) and will continue until the last Wednesday in February.
You will be able to play an eclectic round on any Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holiday to see how low you can go (half handicap deducted from your final score)up and until the final Wednesday in February (28 February).  Please make sure that you have a marker for your round. 
No entry fee.  Enter by selecting the competition.
You may use any tee so those getting in practice for Inter Club can also enter off the blue tees.
4. Annual Meeting and Committee
The date for the Annual Meeting will be announced shortly.  In the meantime we could use more people on the committee.  The committee consists of the officers (President, Vice President, Club Captain, Deputy Club Captain, Women's Club Captain, Treasurer) and six committee members.  At present we have several vacancies and these would be good to be filled.
The club has significant challenges ahead of it and I would encourage anyone with fresh ideas to get involved. 
It does require some work and meeting attendance but it is not onerous and the satisfaction gained from giving something back to the club can be immeasurable.
Challenges include (in no particular order) encouraging greater involvement of new members, rebuilding a junior club, greter involvement from our women members, more events, increasing membership, course development and so on. 
Nomination forms will be on the notice board well in advance of the annual meeting.
5. Trophies
Could all trophy winners please return these to the club so that we can get them engraved and put back into the cabinet for our 2024 winners.  A full list of winners will be included in the annual report.
So, that's all for this week.
Let's hope for improving weather and then evidence of the spring flush that greens our course up. 
Big ups to the green staff who are working under enormous pressure right now.  Please be tolerant and give them right of way at all times.
I hope to be able to report on some golf next week.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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