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Back Nine hole only open for play. Reminder
Good afternoon golfers
Well done to our young staff member today for getting people who were playing the front nine, off the front nine and directing them to play the back nine only.
There is a "Course CLosed" sign at the first tee and that should be plenty of notice not to play from the first tee.
As well as that the website says that the course is open for the back nine only and this is my second message about it too.
Please respect that the front nine is closed until further notice.
There are no pins or cups on the front nine greens and we have yet to sand these greens and we would like people to stay off them until the renovation work is complete.  With the rain we have had and more forecast it is looking unlikely that these holes will be back in play much before next weekend. It is not possible to successfully apply wet sand to the greens  We will advise everyone when we are able to reopen the front nine once the green staff have been  able to finish this part of their coring work..
For now the back nine only (twice around if playing 18 holes) is open for members and green fee players.  Sadly we are unable to print off a full card for the back nine holes only as this course is not rated.  Neither is the course rated for two rounds off the front nine.  Maybe we can get this done at some time in the future in case we have this sort of issue again for any reason.
Thank you for your observance of this restriction and enjoy the course as much as you can. 
Encouragingly, I have had reports that the greens are playing surprisingly well for cored greens.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
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