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Golf this weekend, particularly Sunday 24 September
Good morning all
This has been a challenging week with weather impacts and course maintenance but progress is being made.
As already advised yesterday the back nine will be available for play this weekend and if you wish to play 18 holes you will need to play the nine holes twice.  Please be respectful of golfers playing through from their first nine, they have right of way.  This may cause some delays but exercising ready golf and assessing holes when you are not able to score any stableford points will be helpful.  Also please don't spend more than three minutes looking for lost balls.  Drop on the fiarway for a stroke and distance penalty and proceed.
The greens will be challenging.  You may lift your ball out of any core hole(s) before putting. 
Sunday is the quarter finals of the club champs and the competition has priority for the use of the course.  Please remember the right of way rule and refrain from interfering in the progress of these matches (players will have enough to contend with without having to be held up inexplicably).
All players in the club champs, your tee times are as advised on Sunday 17 September. 
Some of you have arranged alternative times and this is quite ok.  If in doubt as to your tee time you can check your tee booking on the website.  Please note again the back nine is the only part of the course open for play and you should play it twice to complete an 18 hole match.
If for any really good reason you are unable to play your match the match committee will grant limited dispensation on the proviso that matches are completed in time for the draw for the semi finals to be advised not later than Thursday afternoon (28 September).  Please contact me on my home email in the case of needing dispensation.
Please also note that with the exception of a very few early tee times up to 7.54am the course will be closed to golf until 1.30pm on Sunday.  For those of you who had difficulty booking a tee time, the time sheet is now live.
Also, as I completely got the daylight savings advice wrong in Captain's Corner (Spring forward, Fall back) please set your timepieces forward so that you do not turn up too early for your match and think that you have achieved a default victory.  It could cause a red face or two.
As at this point it is raining there will be no progress on sanding remaining greens today , nor is it likely until it stops raining and the sand has had time to dry so it is highly likely we will only have nine holes available for most, if not all, of the upcoming week too.  Once again please be patient with the green staff who are doing their very best in challenging conditions and if you happen upon them when they are working, please give them right of way at all times.
Finally, thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have made it possible to get any golf at all this week.  Your efforts have been truly remarkable.  And a big thank you to all our members for exercising great tolerance.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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