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Dear Members,

Unfortunately the course will remain closed all day Thursday 21st September. TK and the troops have made great progress but with machinery breakdowns and not getting as many volunteers as we would have liked,  have delayed our progress. There is still alot of branches down etc so working hard to clear these as well to make the course safe for play. 

A big thank you to the team of volunteers who turned up today. We really do appreciate it. And thanks to Debbie for feeding us.

We could do with a couple of volunteers tomorrow to help finish everything off. So if you have a spare few hours, please come along at 10am. 

It is hoped that we will be able to open 9 holes from Friday 22nd September. 

Thank you all for your paitence and understanding.


Robyn (on behalf of Mark Peck - Club Captain)


Karori Golf Club
(04) 476-7337
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