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Good evening golfers
This is take three of the Captain's Corner with two earlier versions having 'crashed' half way through completion.
So this is going to be very much shorter.
1. Coring of the Greens
TK and the staff intend to commence this task on Monday 18 September.
As we all know coring of the greens punctures and roughs up the surface and will mean that our greens will be rough and slow for a few weeks.  This is work that should have been done regularly but over the last few years has been sadly neglected.
After TK has had an initial burst he will let me know in order that we can assemble volunteers to assist with this task.  If you could bring your own shovel along with when we ask for your help it would be greatly appreciated.
Many hands make for light work and the benefits in terms of the health and playability of the greens will be greatly enhanced as the grass strike and flourishes with the spring flush.
2. Karori Golf Club Stroke Play Championships
I had hoped to be able to upload a number of photos to this report but I hazard a guess these may be the reason that the email keeps crashing so I will simply announce the results without any fanfare.
A field of 65 golfers contested the Stroke Play Championships across four divisions and the results were as follows:
Junior 'B'
The winner after two rounds of Stroke play is: Kevin Kane 191 Gross in a playoff with Paul Hawkes also on 191 Gross. 
These two were closely followed by Phil Hartley on 192 and Gail Kirkland on 193.
Junior 'A' 
The winner of this division is Ian Dumbleton on 170 Gross by a healthy seven shot margin from Kevin Norquay on 177.
Tim Kirby and Nick Allan were a further three shots away on 180.
The intermediate and Senior golfers played their Gross Championships off the Blue tees but all the same the winning scores were quite respectable.
The winner of the Intermediate division is Ngatau Hemopo on 165 Gross by two shots from Fergus McDougall 167. 
Steve Witkowski on 168 and James Nimmo on 171 were the best of the rest.
Now to the 'guns'!
Winner of the Senior Gross Trophy on a two round total of 153 (75/78) is David Farmer who won by six shots from one of the club's younger golfers Charlie Jackson who shot 159 (79/80).  Last years Match Play Champion Trevor Brown was third on 163 with Scott McHardy and Grant Pollard both shooting 165.
From here it is on to the Match Play Championship with Club Champions being crowned on Sunday 8 October.
Keep your eyes open for a special event on Finals day as we assemble to celebrate our winners for 2023.
Well done to all who entered.  And thank you to TK and the crew for presenting the course in good but challenging condition.  We were also able to farewell Robyn who was on her last day at the club.  Players showed their appreciation to her for her efforts with a standing ovation.
3. Golf results:
a) Sunday Club 10 September
The best result of the day was James Philpot with 47 points (handicap is going to get a chopping I reckon) with two other golfers bettering their net par namely Jonty Du Toit on 39 and Tim Richards on 37.
b) Tuesday Women
Our 9 hole golfers played a net medal with the winning score being Jane Campbell on net 33 from Lindsey Pickering 36 and Tris Titcombe 37.  There were no 18 hole results.
c) Wednesday Competition
Today's winner is Marcosa (Ossie) Santos on 40 points from Ian Bates 38 and Derek Fitzgibbon 36.
4. Golf for the rest of this week
a) Club Championships Match Play
Match play in all four divisions will take place this week.  Tee times have been booked and some have organised to play before due date.  All matches must be completed before close of play on Sunday 17 September.
Winners head to the quarter finals and first round losers go in to a plate competition by division.
All matches are match play off the stick.
b) Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies
These groups support Sunday Club Day and they have tee times allocated for this weekend.  Please check the booking sheet carefully as we are operating two tee starts to accommodate as many club golfers as we possible can.
Anyone at a loose end can meet at the picnic table at about 9am for a card draw ahead of a 9.18am tee off.
Please note: for those who are not in the club champs this Sunday we are also playing the monthly medal for September.  Please make sure you hole out all putts.
5. Care for your course
A gentle reminder to replace all divots and also those you may come across which have not been repaired.  Take a sand bucket as the best way to fix a divot actually is by filling it with sand.
And, on Thursday last week playing a practice round on my own in the afternoon, I cleaned up twenty pitch marks on the front of the second green.  As a general rule a hard golf ball hitting the green surface will damage the surface and will need attention.  Its a simple matter of lifting turf a bit, tamping it down and smoothing it out to repair the green.  It is the respectful thing to do for other golfers who are coming along after you.  Please fix your own plug mark and any others you may happen upon.
6. Course Marshaling
We have caught a number of people attempting to freeload on our greenfees.  For the most part they are quite embarrassed when they get caught and do pay up but others will keep trying to game us so it's good that the staff have remained vigilant. Members can help too if they think freeloaders are attempting to abuse our hospitality.  Let us kow and we can follow up, or, encourage them to go back and pay.
And that's a wrap.
Thank you to all members who have been patient with the club championships taking preference for use of the course, and, please let's exercise tolerance during the period the greens are recoverung from their coring.  We will all benefit from it in the end.
Enjoy your golf this week and we will catch up again next week.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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