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Good morning golfers
I have deliberately left this report until today Wednesday as so much is going on with the club championships that some of our members will be getting email fatigue.
As mentioned the Club Championships are well under way.  In each division the Stroke Play Championships are going to be close and I have alerted contestants to the possibility of a playoff in the event of a tie in their division.  The second round of stroke play is this Sunday.  Good luck to all those within striking range, which with amateur golf is just about everyone.
I am happy to report that this is the largest field contesting the club championships in nearly a decade. This is a great result particularly in light of the fact that our raw membership numbers have declined from those days.
The next few weeks are going to be busy at the course as we work our way through the matches yet to be played, but all the same we are organising to open up as much of the course as we can to allow other golf to be played on these days. 
By using two starting tees we have been able to cater for a few early morning slots on Sunday this week and next week, plus we have scheduled in all the regular groups from week after that onwards.  Starting times may be a little different to normal and may require golfers to tee off on number 10 tee but everyone will get a game.  As well as that green fee players will be able to play from mid afternoon.  As the days are getting longer there will be plenty of time for visitors to enjoy a full round of golf too.
I want to commend the club house on Sunday
You may have noticed that the car park has been tidied up with fresh plantings resulting in better vision as to those who arrive in the carpark.
On Sunday six would be "freeloaders" arrived and tried to sneak on to the back nine.  This was observed from the clubhouse and a marshal was sent out to apprehend the culprits.  They were all invited to come back to the club house and pay.  They tried to avoid doing so by sneaking off but on being re apprehended they duly went to the clubhouse and paid.  Well done to Robyn and the young staff member who was working on the day.  We will obviously need to keep vigilant during the spring and summer. 
The club house being open at all times, there being sufficient staff employed and the car park being cleared up has given us the ability to observe and ensure we don't get ripped off.  It also serves as a warning to the freeloaders that we are marshaling the course. 
It's now time for me to mention Robyn, our manager who finishes in the next few days.
Robyn arrived at a time when the club was facing significant challenges.  The club was lacking in activity, the club house was looking tired and uninviting, staff were required, and the course was facing big challenges as a result of years of neglect.
Robyn took command (literally) and marshalled a troop of volunteers backed up by the available staff and transformed the club in the eight months that she has been with us.  She took responsibility for the course and empowered a number of volunteers to supply the man hours to keep the course cut and groomed.  She was for many days found early in the mornings on the greens mower (which was poorly maintained and well past its use by date), mowing greens,  fairways and generally marshaling troops hither and yon.  Then she would do a days' work running the club.  In this time she introduced new initiatives and organised a number of events (who will ever forget "Golfing for Gabrielle") which were well patronised by our members.  A buzz emanated around the membership for the first time in so long.  It is infectious.
Her latest initiatives introduced even as she is preparing to say goodbye to us are all ready bearing fruit.  A number of new members have joined from the introduce a friend, the member introducing a green fee player has swelled the green fee receipts on some days, the Monday and Thursday  Specials has seen activity and revenue on these days increase too.
There are now groups of new members who are keen to get involved in a way that suits their golfing interest and she is always looking at how these people can be accommodated.
Sadly we will not see more from her as for her own reasons she will return to the UK.  But for a brief time she showed us what we could be. 
I thank her for that!
1. Golf Results
a) Women
18 Hole LGU 8 - Eun Lee 70 on countback from Denise Marten
9 Hole Par -  Loreen Brehaut +1 on countback from Trish Titcombe and Jane Campbell.
It was good to see that Robyn was able to get a game with you all too, finishing on a credible -2.
b) Sunday Club Day
Despite the club championships there were some entrants in the Sunday Club Day.
Results: Haize Walker - 46points from Luke Searle on 36.
c) Club Championships
Seniors: David Farmer 75, Grant Pollard 78, Charlie Jackson 79
Intermediates: Ngatau Hemopo 81, Fergus McDougall 84, Keith Atkinson 84
Junior A: Ian Dumbleton 84, Kevin Norquay 86, Neil Hoskin 88
Junior B: Paul Hawkes 94, Kevin Kane 95, Matthew Staszkiewicz 96, on c/b Gail Kirkland 96
3. Golf this week
Wednesday Competition is playing as this is being compiled.  A reminder that anyone may play the Wednesday Competition (members and affiliated visitors). 
Be at the club house by 10.15am for the 10.30 disc draw.
$5 pays your match fee and buys a raffle ticket.
The Wednesday also runs fund raising raffles so bringing along a bit of spare cash may be useful.
Club Championships Round 2, Gross Championships
These tee off from both the first and the tenth tees at 9.30am this Sunday.
Good luck to all competitiors.
Remember please the $2 coin for the incentive prizes (twos and closest to the pin on no 4)
The Trophies for the Stroke Play Winners will be presented immediately following the golf this Sunday.  Players are asked to remain in the club house if they are able to to help the winners celebrate their success.
Other Sunday Tee Times
Tee times are available for members only early in the morning from 6.30am until 7.26am (Shirties are using the 7.19 and 7.26 tee times).
The course is open to all golfers rfom 1.21pm onwards.
Sunday Club Day competition will run for those who want to enter.
4. Placing
We have returned to placing through the green, 15cms until the completion of the gross championships. 
Feedback from the trial of one club length placing on Wednesday last was mixed so we will revisit this a bit later.
Generally speaking it is also good to see that sand buckets are being used.  Please keep this up as it is healthy for the course.  Also please remember to clean up your plug marks and any others you may notice.  Our greens are improving and keeping the surface in good order is good for us all.
And, that's a wrap.
More next week as we head in to the match play component of the club champs and other golf starts to return to normal.  Enjoy your golfing week.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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