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Good Morning Golfers
We are approaching a busy time on the golfing calendar as we head in to spring.
This weekend we have the semi finals of the Westward Ho with some fascinating matchups, Gail Kirkland taking on Matthew Roche (of Matts Mob Fame) and Dick Borgdorff taking on Grant Pollard.  I'm not going to pick any winners from this mix.  All four would make worthy finalists.
I am pleased to see our women golfers mixing it with the men.  It serves as a reminder that handicaps sort out the issues of fairness and we all compete as equals.  Golf is the only game that has this advantage.  Every tee (with the exception of the blue tee) is rated for all our golfers and I have asked a couple of our women golfers to play the blue tees over spring and summer to get a rating for our women golfers off the blue tees too.
Gail and Fiona Kearns also featured in our WGI inter club teams turning out for Div 12 and but for a communication error Fiona would have played a game for Div 8.  They were more than competitive contributing to the team points on most occasions.
I hope that you are honing your skills for our club championships which will commence on Sunday 3rd of September with the first of two qualifying rounds.  The second of these will be on Sunday 10 September.  The qualifying rounds serve as our Stroke Play Championship so there is silver ware up for grabs to our top qualifiers across four divisions.
I advised in an earlier Captain's Corner that I was looking to improve the fields so that we could get sixteen qualifiers in each division.  To do so would mean pushing the senior field out to a playing handicap of 11 and feedback which I received indicated that this was going to be a bridge too far.  All the same there is a need to strengthen the senior field and short of moving the handicaps the only other way of doing so is for a bunch of handicaps to improve.  Obviously at this time of the year that is not going to happen.  So the Senior grade will move out a bit but not to 11.  I have a bunch of grades in mind now and the numbers look like this if all golfers entered.  Seniors 23 golfers, Intermediates 68, Junior A 42, Junior B 86.
I will post the signup sheet this week but it will indicate that any divisions being considered are indicative only until final entries are confirmed.  Handicaps will be frozen on Monday 28 August with entries closing 4pm Thursday 31 August to allow for the draw and tee times to be advised.
There will be no post entries.  Once entries close that will be it.  Please also note that the Club Championships are open only to full playing Karori Golf Club members (those who have paid a full fee - includes Full Introductory). 
I will this week be sending out a promotional message for the club championships.  I have identified players in likely divisions and the messages will be sent out by division.  Please do not take umbrage if you find yourself in a division lower or higher than you first thought.  As indicated the division span at this stage is indicative only.
We are hopeful to have a sponsor for the club championships and the format will this year include a plate competition for first round losers, and a "championship stableford competition" for golfers who do not qualify or are unavailable for the club championships.  Details of all this will be available soon.
So you may sign up (sooner rather than later please) by going to our website and registering (  Go to the events page and add your name, contacting Robyn at, calling the club (04) 476 7337 and speaking to a person or adding your name to the sign on sheet in the downstairs foyer.
1.Ken and Rose Rigarlsford Trophy Mixed Event - Stableford and Twos
This event is being held on Saturday 19 August, tee time 10am.  Register at the clubhouse by 9.15am for a pot-luck morning tea (bring a plate - coffee and tea supplied by the club).
A flyer promoting this event was sent last Thursday.  It had the effect of garnering a good number of players and we are starting to get a good field.
Gail Kirkland is organising raffle prizes and would like anyone who has something that they don't need/want to donate it to the club for the raffle. 
Rose Rigarlsford has made a generous donation to the club to defray the cost of prizes for the day.
The course will be closed until mid afternoon to provide space for the event to be played.  I would encourage all our regular Saturday golfers to enter this event and join the fun.
You may enter by going to the website ( and entering your name, contacting Robyn at, phoning the club and talking with a person (04) 476 7337, or adding your name to the sign on sheet in the foyer.
This is likely to be our last fun membership event before the club championships.
2. Club only tee times
In the annals of "we cannot control everything" I received a complaint from a senior member about the early morning tee times on Saturday morning just past.
This group plays regularly every Saturday morning but found this week that a group of players (from the report I cannot call them golfers) were hacking their way up the first tee making hardly any progress with each swing, and a group of eight who started on 10 playing what looked to be an ambrose with only four sets of clubs held up the rest of the field.
The proposed solution to me makes sense.  Tee times on a Saturday/Sunday morning should be reserved for members only (affiliates?) until say 11am when the course could be opened.  It is possible to set up the tee booking system to deal with this.  It is assumed that all our members are competent golfers so this should alleviate the problem.
There is a but to all this.  If this were to be done it comes as a "use it or lose it".  There is no point closing the course off to green fee players if members do not use the privilege.
Two other things.  I have prepared a sheet on course etiquette which can be given to all green fee players (who are not affiliated golfers) covering the issues which lead to slow play and behaviour on the course.  At the same time the point of sale staff can enquire about whether or not additional sets of clubs are required (we have sets for hire) and check on the number of golfers playing.  I will chat to Robyn about the practicalities of implementing this. 
The second thing is marshaling.  Sadly apart from Terry McAlister and me I have had no other takers.  It is not only the green fee players who hold up a field and a bit of a friendly "hurry up" does not hurt.  Let the club know if you are willing to help out occasionally to marshal the course.  Maybe my correspondents will volunteer some time.
For what is is worth, I do know that Isaac did do some marshaling at about 9.30am on Saturday so the shop is aware of these issues and tries to help.
A final thing too.  If you think it likely that a group of golfers have not paid green fees, ask them.  I have done so occasilnally and I have been pleased to find that they did pay.  As for the group of 8 Robyn reports that they all paid their green fees.
I would welcome feedback on this idea as I am sure the supplier of the information would too.
3. Presidents Appeal
I am pleased to report that there has been a good response so far to the President's appeal for funds for the new greens mower.  To date just shy of $7k has been raised and every little bit helps.
On the last occasion we needed to raise money for equipment (about ten years ago I remember) we raised over $20k. 
Keep in mind that the club is a charity and all donations carry a tax credit.
So, please dig deep.  Money raised for this item will free up scarce cash for our much needed drainage program for example.
As the president reported in his appeal letter we have a much better inventory of all our equipment, maintenance is up to date and we will be better able to plan for obsolence and replacement in the future.
Thank you to those who have given so generously so far.
4. Sunday Golf Results
It was nice to see the fields starting to pick up this Sunday.
Best results from Sunday Club Day were: Peter Kirkman 40pts, Kevin Kane 38pts, and Russell Turner 37pts.
A reminder that Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies support Sunday Club Day.  Come along and join in with any of these groups.  You will be more than welcome.
For those of you at a lose end without a group to join be at the picnic table by 8.45am for the card draw prior to the 9.06am tee time.  The more the merrier.  All members and affiliates welcome.  This is an excellent way for new members to meet our club members and participate in an enjoyable walk around our beauthful links.
5. This Weeks Golf
a) Womens Golf.  It looks like the weather has had the last say today.  Hopefully there are some fine breaks in between the showers for our women members to enjoy thier day.
b) Wednesday Competition
This competition is uniquely set up for those who have free time on a Wednesday.  It could be shift workers, our retired members, those with work leave, students between lectures and any affiliated visitors.
A disc draw is done at 10.15 so you don't need to have a tee time.  The club house is open for coffee and snacks prior to tee time and there is always a good natured banter emanating from the club rooms. You may elect to play your golf from any of the four available tees.
The cost of entry for the day is $5 which covers match fee and a raffle.  The balance of the money collected goes in to the Wednesday Competition bank account and is then used to help fund club facilities.  Recently the Wednesday Committee along with Shirties and Matts Mob purchased a spraying unit for our green staff to use as they continue the extensive renovation of the course.
So don't be shy.  Come along and enjoy yourself for the day.  You never know who you will be sharing a tee with and the conversation is always interesting.
To cap it off, the weather tomorrow is looking super good.
c) Sunday
Womens 18H Pinfold Cup - Stableford is being played this Sunday
Sunday Club Day
Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies support Sunday Club Day.
Coma along a join the fun.  If you are at a lose end be at be at the picnic table at 8.45am for the card draw for the 9.06am tee time.  All welcome particularly new members and affiliated guests.
That's all for this week folks.
There is quite a bit here and once again we need to be mindful of the efforts of our greens staff and volunteers in keeping the course in good order.  This has been particularly challenging with all the animal incursions recently (deer now have danced on the 18th green - what next).  I think TK must feel more like a DOC ranger than a greens supervisor.
And a reminder that we can all do our bit to help the staff by continuing to replace our divots (sand in the case where the divot cannot be found) and repairing our plug marks.  Do any others you may come across too. 
Good luck to the Westward Ho Semi Finalists.
And, please sign up for our next events.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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