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Good morning golfers
Hopefully Robyn is enjoying some time with her friends and family getting a bit of relaxation.  I can't think of anyone more deserving of time off after her baptism by fire.  To her credit she has kept the ship together despite her many challenges.
In the meantime TK is getting to know the course and the resources which he has available to him to complete his tasks.  He has uncovered a slicer, a coring machine, a roller and he is using these in his work.  The speed of the greens have improved and with further spraying and renovation the greens will come back really well in the spring.
We have been lucky with the weather recently but we could certainly use some wind to dry things out.
You will notice that the course is closed to carts.  Please respect this.  We are trying to keep course damage to a minimum.  Be aware that the club prefers to be able to use carts as they are a good revenue earner so it is always with reluctance that we close the course to carts.
Also recently the course has been closed because of frost.  Again this is done to protect the course and golfers.  Walking on frozen grass (particularly on closely mown surfaces) will damage the surface and repair is time consuming and comes with cost.  Patience with the staff when they make this decision needs to be exercised as they are doing their job.
As indicated in my Captain's Corner StopPress last Thursday the penalty area on the 6th hole is now well marked.  In time we will remove some of the red stakes (putting in a painted line) as people become familiar with the shape of the penalty area.  A unique feature of the penalty area is the local rule allowing a free drop from the tyres and the stone groin.  The drop zone is well marked.  You may place in the drop zone.
The club is facing a number of financial challenges with the purchase of a new greens mower and the scheduling of major drainage work in the spring so it is inevitable that we are going to have to consider how to increase revenue.  Obviously the first point of call will be the membership, followed by a membership drive (all members can help with this - if we all introduced one new member to the club we would double our membership), seeking some grants for specific projects and making use of voluntary labour (our pool of volunteers) for specific tasks.  Members will hear more about all these ideas in the coming weeks.
I would encourage you all to make use of the bar and cafe after your round.  In itself that would help with a boost in shop sales.
Robyn regularly in her Friday Flash (in recess for the next three weeks) encourages golfers to use the booking sheets.  If you are coming out for a game of golf please do so and when you arrive at the course call in to the shop to let us know that you are there.  Please do not assume that empty booking spaces means that the course is not busy.  You may well be surprised.  And, please use your allocated tee time.  
So, that's quite some introduction.  On to other things.
1. Friday Golf Matariki Competition
A total of 23 golfers played this event on Friday with the winner being Nick Allan on 40points by countback from Tim Richards with Keith Atkinson a further point back on 39.
Gail Kirkland topped the women's field on 35 points.
Good effort to all involved.  This will become a regular part of our golfing calendar.
2. Sunday Golf
a) Westward Ho Qualifying
Top qualifiers in the Westward Ho competition were Matt Grubi by lot from Luke Underwood and a further shot back was Russell Turner.
Sadly the long weekend and a competition setup issue depressed the field so we did not get our 32 qualifiers.
All the same there will be some good competitive golf in the match play and it is good to see Gail Kirkland qualifying well and already through to the last eight.
The first round of matches is this coming Sunday 23 July.  Good luck to all involved.
b) Sunday Club
Top scores in Sunday Club were Matt Grubi 38, from Luke Underwood 38, Russell Turner 37 and Boyd Kenna 36.  The field dropped off markedly from there but in fairness conditions were a bit challenging.
3. Golf this week
Our women are playing today and it looks like an interesting set of competitions for them.
Tomorrow is Wednesday Competition.
Please be at the Clubhouse by 10.15am to be in the disc craw for a 10.30am start.
$5 entry covers the cost of competition and buys a raffle.
Everyone is welcome so come along and join in.
The rest of the week is free until Sunday when the Westward Ho first round is held.
Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies make up the bulk of the field for the Sunday Club (although you may enter through your own fours if you wish).  For our new members or those who are not in a group come along to the picnic table by 8.45am for the card draw prior to the 9.00am tee time.  Terry McAlister will be doing the honours (in my absence).  This is a fun way to meet other members of the club and makes for an enjoyable day.
4. Divots and Plug Marks
We (collectively) seem to be getting back in to bad habits around filling in divots (that hunk of grass and earth hacked out of the surface from your golf swing) and cleaning up plug marks (often the fault of our good golfers who hit the green from distance and from a great height).
It takes but a moment and it is a courtesy to other golfers by keeping the course in good playable condition.
I can't remember the golfer who said "good golfers clean up their divots and plug marks, all other golfer must!" but I think it might have been Ben Hogan.
So come on, think of others.
5.Upcoming events
a) Ken and Rose Rigarlsford Trophy
This is to be held on Saturday 19 August, tee time 10am.
Register at the clubhouse at 9am, grab a cup of tea and something to nosh on, buy a raffle ticket or five and tee off for a day of fun. 
Robyn will be saying more about this in the coming weeks.
You can enter on line, by emailing Robyn ( signing the sheet in the downstairs foyer, or calling the shop (04) 476 7337 and talking with a person.
I would encourage all our members to become familiar with using our website to enter events.  It is the simplest most efficient way of ensuring that you are registered and eligible to play.
b) Club Champs
The first of two qualifying rounds will take place on Sunday the 3rd of September.
To enter the club championships yo will need to enter before the event.  No exceptions.
Hence my suggestion that members learn how to use the website.  Similarly it is ok to to let Robyn know at ( or call the clubhouse and talk with a person (04) 476 7337.  No signup sheet is available right now.
So, that;s all for this week.
Lets hope the weather stays fine for the week, that we get a bit more wind and that our favourite golf course continues to get better and better.
I'll be back for a couple of days next week before heading south to Te Anau for my own annual pilgrimage.
Enjoy your golf and we'll talk more later.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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