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StopPress - 6th hole Penalty Area
6th Hole New Penalty Area
From first tee tomorrow (Friday 14 July) the penalty area on the sixth hole will be moved to the top of the bank short of the green around to the right of the green along the area of most rough.
A drop zone will be identified in the land behind the stream below the green.  Many members will remember where this drop zone was in the past.
Any ball which does not make the green from the tee and is not up the left hand side will now most likely be in the penalty area.
The local rule will be:  "A player who is unable to find their ball in the defined penalty area (short of and to the right of the green on the 6th hole) shall take a penalty drop in the drop zone provided, except for any ball which is on or obstructed by the tyres or the groin.  The ball may be lifted and dropped in the drop zone without penalty."
Please note, if you find your ball in the newly defined penalty area and elect to play it, you may not take a place.  Play the ball as it lies.
Mark Peck
Club Captain

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