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Good morning golfers
Today our new Greens Supervisor (Te Kooti Ross) commences at the club.
This will be welcomed by those who have put a whole lot of time and effort into maintaining our course in good condition, often working with equipment which has been challenging to say the least.
TK has a big task ahead of him.  I am sure we all wish him well as he gets started.
A reminder for members that a welcome will be held at the club on Wednesday 5 July at 10am.  Bring a "plate".  This will be a chance to get to meet Te Kooti and to thank Dan, William, Robyn and the army of volunteers who have shouldered the day to day tasks for the last twelve weeks.
It would be good to see as many of you as possible and it may be possible for many of you to remain for the Wednesday Competition as well.
1. Bertram Cup Final - This Sunday
Two teams will compete for the Bertram Cup this Sunday. 
Former Green Keeper Pat Redmond and son Shane Redmond will take on Scott McHardy and Matthew Roche.
If everyone plays to their potential this should be an epic contest.
Well played to all who entered and took part in this competition.  It was nice to get a nearly full field for this cup for the first time in a very long time.
Good luck to both teams.  May the better team win.
2. Westward Ho
One competition finishes, another commences.
Sunday 16 July will be the qualifying round for the 'Westward Ho' Trophy.
The top 32 qualifiers will compete in the matchplay (on handicap).  The matchplay rounds will run consecutively from Sunday 23 July finishing (weather permitting) with the final on 20 August.  All matches up to the final may be played on or before the date.  The final will be played on the date.
This trophy was donated to the Karori Golf Club by our sister club in the UK, The Royal North Devon Golf Club, and has quite some history being keenly contested for many decades.
You may enter through the website, by posting your name on the entry sheet in the downstairs foyer, by contacting Robyn on her email ( or by calling the club (04) 476 7337 and speaking to a person.
Entry is available to all members so encourage your friends and associates to get involved.  The handicap system means everyone plays as equals so everyone is "good enough".  It would be good to see some of our juniors enter too.
3. Ken and Rose Rigalsford Trophy
This is another event with a strong history at the club.
The event is being held on Saturday 19 August with a tee time from 10am. 
Registration will be at 9am in conjunction with a morning tea.
The course will be closed until mid afternoon to provide for the tournament.
Entries are open through the website, by contacting Robyn (, by adding your name to the entry sheet in the downstairs foyer, or by calling the club (04) 476 7337 and speaking to a person.
Let's pack the clubhouse once again and make this a fun event.  Everyone welcome.
3. Sunday Golf
a) Monthly Medal
The winner of the July Monthly Medal on 63 nett was Shane Redmond. Great effort Shane.
John Timperley 64, Richard Reith 67 and Kevin Norquay 68.
Hot scoring all.
b) Sunday Club Day
Best of the day was John Timperley 42 points from Richard Reith 39 and Kevin Norquay 38.
The 'Cumulative Scores towards November' with the best ten rounds counting are as follows: James Nimmo (373 1st), Ian Dumbleton (367 2nd=), Gary Clarke (367 2nd =) Matt Roche (358 4th), Gail Kirkland (357 5th), Tim Richards (356 6th), Adrian Porter (355 7th), Kevin Norquay (353 8th=), Boyd Kenna (353 8th =), Scott McHardy (351 10th=), Dick Borgdorf (351 10th=)
A long way to go and everything is tight at the top.
c) LGU and Putting
the winner was Marcosa Santos on nett 78 from Rose Rigarlsford  81.
4. Golf this week
Our women play on Tuesday with both the 18 hole and 9 hole women continuing their program.
Wednesday Competition tees off at 10.30am (following the welcome for Te Kooti Ross).
$5 entry fee covers match fee and buys a raffle.
Be at the club house by 10.15am for the 10.30am disc draw.
This is a great way for members to meet others and enjoy their company.
Once again all welcome.  With School holidays maybe even a few of our younger members may wish to come show the old timers a thing or two.
Sunday is the final of the Bertram Cup.  Who knows there may even be a gallery following these guys.  It would be fitting for a trophy of this stature.
It's also Club Day.
Shirties, Matts Mob and Gaskies support Club Day.  Come and join in with any of these groups.  You will be more than welcome. 
For our new members and those who are looking for a group be at the Picnic Table for the card draw at 8.45am for the 9.06 tee off. (Bertram Cup Final teeing off at 8.59).  Everyone is encouraged to come along.  You never know who you will be paired with. 
5. Miscellaneous
Two things have cropped up this week.
1. Penalty Area on Hole Number 6
Until such time as it is possible to get the long grass on the bank at number 6 cut back the sugestion has been made that the penalty area should extend all the way up to the fringe of the green.  This way failure to find a ball will see the player taking a penalty drop.
The only question is where to drop?
A ball that travels up the left of the hole and dives over into the penalty area may be dropped at the point of entry no nearer the hole. Penalty of 1 shot.
However (and not so well understood) a ball that is hit at the green that does not reach crosses the penalty area at the front of the tee.  The drop for a penalty of one therefore is at the front of the tee. 
I am considering a local rule that would allow a penalty drop in a drop zone if the ball cannot be found.  The drop zone will be defined on the ground behind the stream short of the green.
A player who finds their ball is in play.
A ball which is on the groin or tyres on the left side of the hill short of the green may be dropped in the drop zone (free drop).
I will communicate any new local rule before Wednesday Competition.
2. Players to register in Advance of Trophy Events.
There is feeing that palyers should register for any club trophy event in advance and entry on the day should not be permitted.
There are good arguments for and against but my preference at the moment has been to encourage entry up to the day where players select the event when they print their card.
However, I will concede that with the Club Championships coming up that prior entry for these will be required.
The club championships are our premier event of the year and as far as we possibly can I do want to organise tee times by divisions.  Please note that divisions make it possible for golfers to compete with golfers of relative equal ability in their grade.  Once again, everyone is 'good enough'.
It is possible to enter the club championships right now by going to our website and doing so.  You will note that there are two stroke play rounds which will act as the qualifying rounds for the match play championships.
That's all for this week.
I hope like me you are all excited about the future now that we are fully staffed in our grounds team. 
TK is lucky to have a willing team and a bunch of volunteers who would do anything for the club.
And, let's take a final moment to say thank you to Robyn for everything she has done to keep the place in good tidy condition.  I for one am extremely grateful.
Mark Peck
Club Captain
(Post Script -  I will be in Invercargill from 7  - 10 July, Auckland from 17 to 23 July, Te Anau from 27 to 31 July. I will be shoulder tapping a couple of people to assist keeping match going while I am away.)

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