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28 May Sunday Club Day - Weather postponed play


When the clouds open up and it suddenly starts raining in the middle of a round, don't think of yourself, think of your clubs. Before you put up your umbrella or dig your rainsuit out of your bag, be sure that the top of your bag is covered. When you can't get a decent hold on the club, you can't put a solid hit on the ball. An amateur golfer friend of mine actually carries a chamois cloth to rub down his grips - that's a great idea - and I'm frankly surprised I've never seen it on the Tour.

Second, when the ball and turf are wet and the grooves of your irons are filled with water, don't expect to put much backspin on the ball. You'll get a semi-flyer shot, but you won't get more distance than usual because the weight of the rain will cancel the spinless flight of the ball. In fact, on approach shots it's generally wise to take one club more than normal and make a controlled, balanced swing to guard against slippage.

My final tip is on putting. When a ball sits in the rain for more than a few seconds, its dimples fill up with water, and the result is that you will not be able to make clean club-to-ball impact. It will slip and slide both on impact and during its initial roll. So do yourself a favor and keep the ball dry for as long as possible. This means lining up your putt with a marker in place instead of the ball. Don't set the ball down until you're ready to address and stroke the putt.

Tips For Playing In Rain

Matt’s Message: (Greenkeeper’s memo)

With the greens being so wet and the amount of traffic we are getting at Karori Golf Club our greens are taking a bit of a hammering. Due the browntop grass going semi dormant during winter and not getting enough recovery growth. We are still trying to aerate the greens weekly but the weather we have been having isn’t helping it at all.

We are still awaiting a new date from the tree contractors when they will do the work on the tree behind number 18 green. We will keep you updated with this once we confirm.

The most important reminder is for people to remember how wet and slippery it is out there - on paths, bridges, steps and slopes. Please watch where you are walking and take care driving carts.


Sunday 6 June Club Day Stableford

Tuesday 8 June 18 Holes Women: Medley 10 - Stableford

9 Holes: Women: Medley 9 - Nett

Sunday 13 June Club Day Stableford

Bertram Cup Rd 1 (rescheduled from 30 May)


After the onset of the weather over the weekend it put a halt to the first round of the Bertram Cup. Round 1 pairs matchplay has been rescheduled to be completed by Sunday 13th June. We will move subsequent rounds a week later. The finals will take place on the same day as the Ken and Rose Rigarlsford event. Players please contact Fiona Kearns if you have any queries/questions.

Tin Cup - Interclub Players Event

The Tin Cup is an end of season match between our men’s interclub teams. This year with four teams it was possible to pit members of each team against each other in groups of four playing handicap match play. This gave the event a real interclub feel.

In a perfect world 10 players from each team would compete and we almost achieved that with 40 players turning out on a wet Saturday morning to play. It was touch and go whether we played or, not, but thankfully the rain eased off and vindicated the decision to play, albeit on wet greens that required plenty of relief from the water on them.

Club Captain Fiona Kearns was starter and Course Marshal for the day and her presence resulted in four-hour rounds for the field. A great achievement given the reputation Interclub has for slow play.

The competition was keen and prizes plentiful as the following results show.



Total Points

Less 3 Lowest Match Points

Tin Cup Points

Div 8





Div 11





Div 2





Div 4





Division 8 Captain Geoffrey Lee was awarded the Tin Cup Jacket by Fiona


Most Wins

Nearest to Pin

Longest Drive


Hole in 2

Div 2

Rex Moller

Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown

Dick Borgdorff

Dave Thorburn

Div 4

Keith Atkinson

Horn Dim

John Lyall

Boyd Kenna


Div 8

Steve Witkowski

George Morris

No One

Steve Robinson

Stuart Preston

Steve Witkowski

Div 11

Garth Mickell

Mark Noblett

John Stubbe

Mark Read


Ten Raffle Winners

Adrian Porter, Scott McHardy, Mark Reed, Gail Kirkland, Phil Goodwin, Scott McHardy, Geoffrey Lee, Phil Goodwin, John Stubbe, Trevor Brown.

Thanks To

The Interclub players would like to thank the Club for its support during the season and in particular Club Captain Fiona Kearns, Club Manager Hector Slade, and Course Superintendent Matt Spraggs.

Team Captains Tim Richards, Mark Peck, Geoffrey Lee, and Kevin Norquay thank all players and squad members for their contributions to season 2021.

Geoffrey Lee, Men’s Interclub Manager – 1 June 2021

9 hole Women’s Interclub

Monday the 24th of May’s weather brought rain and strong cold winds which meant Karori had to contend with surface water on some of the greens at Shandon. It was not a good day for golf! The Karori team had a 2 – 2 draw against Martinborough, who were bottom of the grade. Masterton won the grade. Karori shared second place with the Kapiti White team. Our team only lost one round this year and even then we managed to gain points. By carefully accumulating points through the rounds, we had a very successful season.

Wednesday Club

For the first Wed Club round this winter 24 regulars also played to their new handicaps with the re-rating of the course. Most received a reduction of 1 or 2 in their handicaps which with the slightly heavy conditions underfoot meant only one managed to better his new handicap with a +1 score for the par round. Peter Kirkman was the winner with Trevor Brown runner up on all square. Steve Robinson and Gerd Warnke achieved -1 from Paul Hawkes and Derek Fitzgibbon on -2. Peter was NTP but paid the pig while Trevor scored the only 2 on the 6th. John Markham seized-up in the cold to win most golf. Raffle prizes were won by Luke Underwood, Alex Lim and Trevor (Thanks for the ball donations Trevor).


This annual event is to be held on the 27 June. Mark this in your diaries now and advise Hector at the Karori Golf Club office or enter online. The men play for the Ken Rigarlsford Trophy and the women play for the Rose Rigarlsford Trophy. Both are best stableford competitions. More details will follow next week.


Here we have another trophy event to test your skill and expertise. This is a singles matchplay on handicap event of the white tees. To enter you need to ensure you have entered by Wednesday 30 June.

You can enter online or on the Club noticeboard. The qualifying round is nett medal on Sunday 4th July and depending on the number of entries it will be 16 or 8 to qualify.

Just a reminder to all that are using carts during the winter months to keep away from wet areas and avoid driving too close to the greens.  


Thanks to Matt Spraggs and John Stubbe we have been updating our volunteer safety procedures and have crafted volunteer safety cards to advise our wonderful volunteers of all the health and safety requirements for when undertaking ‘adopt a ditch’. You will be emailed over the weekend with a photo sheet which will show you the hazardous areas and also the safety protocols that need to be in place.


Here is the beginning page of the Karori Golf Club Volunteer Health and Safety Policy

Policy statement

Volunteer workers are the life-blood of the golf club, allowing Karori Golf Club (KGC) to provide a course and facilities that we can all be proud of. KGC is committed to protecting the health and safety of voluntary workers when carrying out work for the club. It is important that before any voluntary work is undertaken that these guidelines are read and understood to ensure KGC and volunteer workers meet their respective obligations at Law.

Volunteer workers are considered as Workers under health and safety legislation, and as such have the following obligations:

workers must take reasonable care to ensure health and safety of themselves and others in

the workplace

workers must follow any reasonable instruction from KGC that allows them to comply with the

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

workers must co-operate with any reasonable policy or procedure of KGC relating to health

and safety in the workplace

workers have the right to refuse to undertake dangerous work.

Volunteer workers need to be confident that they are able to do the assigned work activity, and must be able to look after their own health and safety and that of others when carrying out work for the club. Remember to always:

►Stay alert at all times

►Be aware of your surroundings

►Avoid taking unnecessary risks

►Observe all rules and warning signage ►Report any accidents, incidents and near misses to the shop

►First aid kits are located in the green keepers shed and in the

foyer of the changing rooms in the club house

►Defibrillator and blanket are available in the club house foyer


►Ask for permission from the Club Manager/Head Greenkeeper before doing any work

►Read the Job Safety Card for the task – ask questions if anything is unclear

►Ensure you have all the tools and/or equipment needed for the task

►Check that the tools and/or equipment are fit-for-purpose

►Familiarise yourself with the tools and/or equipment

►Follow the safe work instructions on the Job Safety Card


Hole 4 ‘High Tee’ - Hole in One Challenge

Thanks to our sponsor Richard Reith at Collective Real Estate for putting up a hole in one challenge on the 4th hole starting this Saturday 13th March. If you get a hole in one on the 4th hole during a competition you will win an incredibly nice bottle of Jean-Marc Vigreux-Frere Champagne! Competitions include Interclub, Sunday Club Day, Shootout, and Twilight. Good luck to all!


Our golf ball selection has recently increased and been restocked. We have the new 2021 ProV1 and ProV1x for $79.99. Also a wide range of Srixon golf balls all at $39.99 a dozen.

Titleist TruFeels are back in stock for $39.99 per dozen.

New in the shop are some sleeves of Callaway Supersofts in various colours for $18.00 each.

Please support the club by buying from our shop.


Please keep up the handwashing, the checking in, and all of the other usual precautions around this.


If you want to avoid printing cards, use the app instead, it has a scorecard enabled. Simply use the clubhouse wifi to open it and the scorecard before you tee off - then it can operate in offline mode.


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