Minutes of the 51st Annual General Meeting of the Karori Golf Club Inc.
Held at Karori Golf Club Clubhouse, South Makara Road
on Saturday 30 November 2019 at 9.30am
J Wake (Chair), F  Kearns, C Beentjies, D Borgdorff, P Howman, A Hyett, A Porter, K Gaskin, J Kennach, P Robinson, J McDougall, A Kennedy, G Kirkland, I Patience, V Diem, M Suggate, M Peck, J Waters, N Lowe, P Wilcox, I Bates, P Jones, M Cox, C Pearce, G Crocker, L Fagerstrom, D Fitzgibbon, R Rigarlsford, G Grayson, G Lee, T Bastion, M Dinsdale
Arvind Zodgekar, Fergus McLean, David Sercombe, Keith Atkinson, Paul Hawkes, Wayne Cook, Richard Reith, Elizabeth Wagner, Ingrid Rampton, Elaine Pearse, John Timperley, Bobbi Monigatti
The President, Jonathan Wake welcomed fellow members to this, the 51st AGM of the Karori Golf Club.
Confirmation of the Minutes of the 50th Annual Meeting
Proposed Carl Beentjies, seconded Jonathan Wake
Action Points:
There were no actions arising from the minutes of last year’s AGM.
Presentation and Approval of the Annual Report:
The President, Jonathan Wake, spoke to his 2019 annual report, which had been pre-circulated to members and taken as read. In particular:
·Club has a positive trading surplus yet this is less than in previous years. Green fees are holding up  but membership has dropped by 30 members – usually we have a loss of 10-15
·Land Sale – has been completed subject to successful sub division. Drawn out process with the WCC insisting on conditions. Karori has managed to meet them. Next step is build fence and plant shrubs
·Club Systems – we have upgraded our point of sale, club management and accounting systems with touch screen tills, Dot Golf customer management and Xero accounts which all interlink and should lead to operating efficiencies and enhanced features. This was a big project and has gone live. There are still some issues which are being worked on by Jonathan, Adrian and Marcus. Thanks was extended to David Bennett, who is not renewing his membership, for setting up the Xero system for the club.
·Green staff – great to have Pat back.  There have been a number of staff changes in the clubhouse and we thank them all for their flexibility and availability
·Thanks was extended to Committee Members who keep the club running. An urgent plea to all members to support the club and offer help for projects and initiatives when you can.
As a club we need to increase volunteer efforts
The following spoke to their reports
Fiona (Womens’ Club Captain shared the success the combined midweek pennant team with Wainuiomata and extended thanks to Nicola Lowe for managing this team.  Also spoke about limited numbers of women on Saturday and as a result of discussions about how to do things differently a Club Day (attached to Gaskies tee slots) will start as of 20 January. Details will be sent out to members with the key focus on encouraging any new or established members to join us for a game of golf on a Sunday.
Men’s Club Captain Carl Beentjies spoke about the success of Geoff Lee as Interclub Manager. Explained some details of some of the proposed 2020 club competitions and these will be discussed further and details shared in a timely manner with membership
He also mentioned that 2020 is our Jubilee year and there will be events to mark this occasion.
                       Twilight – Antony Kennedy spoke about the high numbers attending Twilight and how this is                     a very social event where all types of membership and visitors are encouraged,
It was moved Jono Wake, seconded by Adrian Porter that the report be adopted – carried.
Presentation and Approval of the reviewed 2019 financial accounts:
Thank you was extended to Wayne Cook for his assistance as treasurer for several years and for preparing the monthly and annual accounts.
Thank you to Terry Bastion for reviewing the accounts for Karori Golf Club.
Jono Wake (President) presented the financial report, which had been pre-circulated and therefore was taken as read.
The Accounts showed a sound financial position for 2019. Jono pointed out that:
·Received a grant of $30,000 for tree removal.
·Insurance is being reviewed with a revaluation taking place this year – renewal date is end of December
·Peter Wilcox questioned the sundry expense which was explained as the surveying costs for the sub division
·Geoff Lee queried the lack of marketing for club and encouraged this be budgeted for in 2020. Adrian spoke about strategic plan and the other possible ways to target groups
·Peter Howman shard about the underutilised resource of Pitch’n’Putt and encouraged all members present to think about who they could invite out use this wonderful resource
·Mark Peck thanked Jono for his contribution to Karori Golf Club during his tenure
·Mark also shared about the challenges that he believes WGI are not addressing – too many clubs in Wellington – asked for Committee to work with WGI and be forward thinking about possible amalgamations and ways of working with other clubs
It was moved by Jono Wake, seconded by Peter Howman that the Financial Report be adopted.
The motion to adopt the Financial Report was approved.
Appointment of Reviewer:
Jono Wake moved, seconded Dick Borgdorff, that Terry Bastion be reappointed as Reviewer of the Club’s accounts – carried unanimously
Election of Officers:
·Vice President              Adrian Porter
·Treasurer                     Marcus Henry
·Club Captain                Carl Beentjies
·Womens’ Club Captain Fiona Kearns
·Committee                    Dick Borgdorff
Peter Howman
Andrew Hyett
Grant Pollard
Mike Suggate
Notice of Motion
It was moved by Adrian Porter and supported by all committee members that the honour of Life Membership be extended to Jonathan Wake in recognition of his service to Karori Golf Club over the last seven years.  His selfless dedication and commitment to Karori Golf Club make him such a positive role model who is worthy of Life Membership.
Fiona Kearns shared an account outlining in detail the many ways Jono has served our Club as both player and administrator.  His time and energy has always been to secure the best possible outcome for Karori Golf Club and the best possible return for our club members.
It was moved by Adrian Porter and seconded by all Committee members and carried unanimously with a standing ovation.
General Business
Keith Gaskin shared concerns over the large logs left behind for cutting from the grant funded tree trimming. It was explained that the fellng was part of the contract and the cutting into smaller logs was not. Reid Trees will be visiting again. Adrian and Matt (Greenkeeper) will meet this week to discuss the plan of action for removal of the logs which may involve a working bee arrangement.
Lars shared his thoughts about using our charitable status to encourage donations to help pay for a contractor to cut up the logs if the work is to much for greens staff and volunteers.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.40am with the acting President, Adrian Porter, thanking everyone for their attendance and help throughout the year.