Hi Members

It’s a big week out there, with the start of the club champs (and the start of spring, hurrah!!) It’s still Covid-19 Level 2, so no spring hugging please. First, some sad news, one of our favourite competitions has been postponed.


Unfortunately, due to the extension of restrictions we will not be able to hold the Argentina National Day tournament on Saturday.

We will work with the organisers to find a suitable date later in the year.

Saturday tee bookings have now been opened up.


Let’s do all we possibly can to keep the course open, and keep having fun. No one wants a lockdown, surely?

So please adhere to the rules - so we don’t spread Covid-19.


Legally, Karori GC has to know who has entered the premises.

  1. PLEASE book on golf.co.nz, the app, or with the club. You can’t just roll up and wander out on the course.

  1. PLEASE don’t come out to the club if you have any coughs or colds

  1. Maintain social distancing (don’t hug your partner when their ball drops for birdie, or splashes into the creek 10m ahead).

  1. Try not to touch a lot of things - ESPECIALLY the flag.

  1. KGC is not taking cash, and there is table service only in the clubhouse.

  1. Carts are one person only unless the occupants are from the same bubble


The strokeplay championship takes place on Sunday 30, acting as the qualifier for the Club Championship matchplay competition which will take place during the following weekends. The top eight in the strokeplay contest the matchplay in a series of gripping encounters over four men’s grades.

Please tell the committee if you are unable to play in the matchplay, so it can exclude you from the list of qualifiers

Should you qualify you must play your matchplay rounds on or before the scheduled date - apart from the finals, of each division will take place on September 20 over 36 holes for Senior Intermediate and Junior A, Junior B final is 18 holes. 

There have been a few withdrawals so there will be a couple of minor changes to the draw that will be sent out on Saturday night. 



Below are the leading cumulative placing points in Par competitions from November 2019, as calculated after the Par competition on 26 August. Full results are listed in the clubhouse.

Top 10 Cumulative Par Results as of this week

70 Martin Leung

69 Patrick Cordue, John Markham

68 Fergus McLean

65 Chris Pearce

60 Michael Cox

59 Graham Presland

56 Derek Fitzgibbon, Peter Kennedy

51 Gunter Karau


Greenkeeper supervisors Piper (left) and Spike (right), have lived their best lives at KGC since they were puppies.

Piper and Spike have the best lives a dog can have, keeping KGC clear of vermin and roaming the course with greenkeepers in tow.

Piper is a husky-border collie, while Spike was rescued and wound up patrolling the fairways. They’ve been great mates since they were puppies.

Piper is always the instigator when it comes to playing but knows Spike will let her know when enough is enough.

When Piper was a puppy she had a moment of being a juvenile delinquent when Matt Spraggs gave her the run of the house, and she chomped a few of wedding things and bit through the shaft of his driver. Matt still has the driver shaft as a disciplinary item.

Life for the dashing duo is: chasing rabbits, barking at anything from the shed especially golf carts and golfers. Sometimes they will disappear for a couple hours and just make their way back to the shed.

Unlike the golfers they never go out of bounds which is good. There’s not many dogs that have lives like these two.


If you want to avoid printing cards, use the golf.co.nz app instead, it has a scorecard enabled. Simply use the clubhouse wifi to open it and the scorecard before you tee off - then it is able to operate in offline mode.

Try it out in the safety of your own home. It’s much, much easier than putting on the 11th.

Hopefully this will not be for too long, stay safe and do the right thing.


For those of you with smartphones and the Dot.Golf app, please use that to check in at the course. You must still check in or scan the QR Code (it’s that weird jigsaw puzzle thing) as per the Government request of this week


Monday - 10am-3pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm

Wednesday 9.30am-4.30pm

Thursday 10am-3pm

Friday 9.30am-3.30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

DIVISION 11 team

Inspired by the enthusiasm of members to play interclub this year, the club has decided to look into a division 11 team (that’s the lowest grade). The benefits are playing competitive golf on other courses (with no green fees). Anyone (either gender) with a handicap in the high teens, or early 20s would be suitable. We will put the feelers out later.

FIREWOOD (keep warm, help the club)
It’s winter, it’s a bit brisk already. You need to keep warm, so the club has a deal for you. Members can now buy firewood from the club, if they bring their own trailer.

Trailer load prices

Pine $120
Macrocarpa $140








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