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This week we start with some sad news. Long-term member Jack Webb died this week. Jack was an enthusiastic golfer and a supreme club member, who was a heart and soul character. Here is his Karori Golf Club obituary.

John Webb (Jack) - (1941-2020)

We were saddened to hear the passing of Jack Webb on 19 July 2020. During his time at Karori Golf Club, Jack took on many roles within the club, including club captain in the 90s and again from 2008-2009. We valued his enthusiasm for Karori Golf Club, the game of golf itself and the fellowship he offered.

His efforts and contributions towards our club were recognised when he was nominated as an Eagle and he served on the Wellington Committee until early this year. He will always be remembered as a ‘real gentleman of the game’.

Even in recent years after shifting up to the Kapiti Coast he maintained positive links with our Club and was a keen supporter of our events, including our Murray Halberg days.

While it will not be the same without Jack around, passing on his infectious enthusiasm for the game, we can at least be content in the knowledge that we were privileged to know the man and be able to call him a friend.

Farewell Jack. There will be a lot of laughter and long tales told about you in the clubhouse this weekend.

Jack Webb is far right in this Eagles lineup.



It was cold, there were bitter showers, so fewer strong men and true showed up than usual. But then, the clouds parted and the end of the round took place under blues skies (and at a balmy 9 degrees).


But 15 hardy souls turned up but it proved quite tough for most with no one bettering their handicaps. Marcus Henry won with 36 points, with Patrick Cordue on 35 points, with Nobby 3rd and Paul Hawkes 4th on countback. Alex Lim won the most golf prize but we won’t embarrass him by putting that in the newsletter. The raffles were won by Terry and Mike Cox, so hit them up for a beer.



For those of you with smart phones and the Dot.Golf app, please use that to check in at the course. You must still check in or scan the QR Code (it’s that weird jigsaw puzzle thing) as per the Government request of this week.



Post-Covid, those starved of regular sport are looking to take up golf. Some are just rolling up, others are phoning in for slots. It would be a big help for the clubs (and to prevent people being pissed off when the course is packed) to book tee times online (at all times but especially Saturday and Sunday). The last weekend mornings have been very busy, which is awesome to see, but tricky to manage. Please help.


WESTWOOD HO (the top 16 are …)

Well done John Stubbe. on being top qualifier. The draw is below




The bell is back on the 18th fairway right hand side. It was retired briefly when Covid-19 stopped people touching things.


After all the rain over the last MONTH it’s muddy, it’s soft, so there is placing through the green. That means you can legally place the ball within 15cm, anywhere except in a hazard.



Be careful around the course. There are lots of slippery bits. Watch your footing, use the netted part of the bridges. If you’ve hit your ball on to a potential area of peril remember its cheaper and less painful to leave it there than hurt yourself.


Frost is another danger. There is potential to slip on bridges particularly. Use the wire bit PLEASE!


Monday - 10am-3pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm 

Wednesday 9.30am-4.30pm

Thursday 10am-3pm

Friday 9.30am-3.30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

FIREWOOD (keep warm, help the club)
It’s winter, it’s a bit brisk already. You need to keep warm, so the club has a deal for you. Members can now buy firewood from the club, if they bring their own trailer.

Trailer load prices

Pine $120


Here are the top toughies.




Rain stopped play, as did miserable temperatures.



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