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Hail dear Member

No weather report this week. Lesson learned.


For those of you with smart phones and the Dot.Golf app, please use that to check in at the course. You must still check in or scan the QR Code (it’s that weird jigsaw puzzle thing) as per the Government request of this week.


Post-Covid, those starved of regular sport are looking to take up golf. Some are just rolling up, others are phoning in for slots. It would be a big help for the clubs (and to prevent people being pissed off when the course is packed) to book tee times online (at all times but especially Saturday and Sunday). The last weekend mornings have been very busy, which is awesome to see, but tricky to manage. Please help. With that in mind we are now opening the clubhouse everyday so please pop in after your round to have a drink and a toastie!




The bell is back on the 18th fairway right hand side. It was retired briefly when Covid-19 stopped people touching things. Play into the 18th green then give it a clang to let the group know the way is clear to tee off. It’s meant to get golfers to avoid getting hit. Fans of Waikato and the Chiefs (looking at you Norquay) should NOT clang the bell constantly and yell Moooo!!!



MEET THE COMMITTEE: Club Captain Fiona Kearns

Fiona and her famous smile


I came to golf at the early age of 10 when both my parents who were golfers took me along each Saturday. As they say, if you can't beat them join them so to pass the time I started using my Dad's clubs and discovered I could hit a decent drive and my putting and chipping were pretty good too.


Growing up in Nelson I began to play Club Golf at the beautiful Waahi Taakaro (place of recreation)  Golf Club in the Maitai Valley. This led to representing Tasman Ladies in various competitions throughout NZ.  


Teaching drew me to Wellington and so I began my association with Wellington Golf through Ohariu Valley and then Karori Golf Club. It’s been 24 years since I first drove off the first tee at Karori and the rest as they say is history.


Among other things I have completed the Oxfam Trail 100km walk twice, have explored the world and last year made it to Everest Base Camp on a family adventure. I have annual whitebaiting holidays as well as trips away in the South Island in my caravan. I was born to be a teacher as I am able to cope with the holidays really well!  


I have met many wonderful friends through my association with golf and now as Club Captain I look forward to sharing my passion for our wonderful game with others.


This Fiona putt will almost certainly go in


This is a cracking tournament with qualifying. With handicaps in play everyone gets a chance to win - especially you higher handicappers with an eye on Interclub. It’s off the white tees, so let’s get a big field.


The Qualifying round can be played from 7.28am up until 10.37am. Those who have pre registered - thank you, your tee times have been allocated between 10.02 and 10.37 please check your emails or your dotgolf app.


Those who have not registered but want to play please click Westward Ho! when you get your card. Please don't enter the competition if you cannot play the match play rounds!


Players should be aware that last 16 (26 July), QF (2 Aug), SF (9 Aug) and Final (16 Aug) must be played in the allocated slots unless another time is mutually agreed.


KGC Captain



Matt Spraggs is encouraging us to take care around 'creek edges' as some of the soaking ground is fragile and he will be working on these areas this week in amongst the rain to mark and/or fix these areas.  If you do notice something that needs to be done or is unsafe please advise us so we can get on top of things before they become an issue.


And the winner of the men’s trophy was … TRUMPETS please … well done Stefan!!

Megan Lewis, who is rapidly cutting her handicap, won the Rose Rigarlsford Trophy with 32 points, one ahead of Celia Howden.



After all the rain over the last MONTH it’s muddy, it’s soft, so there is placing through the green. That means you can legally place the ball within 15cm, anywhere except in a hazard.



Be careful around the course. There are lots of slippery bits. Watch your footing, use the netted part of the bridges. If you’ve hit your ball on to a potential area of peril remember its cheaper and less painful to leave it there than hurt yourself.


Frost is another danger. There is potential to slip on bridges particularly. Use the wire bit PLEASE!




Monday - 10am-3pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm 

Wednesday 9.30am-4.30pm

Thursday 10am-3pm

Friday 9.30am-3.30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

FIREWOOD (keep warm, help the club)
It’s winter, it’s a bit brisk already. You need to keep warm, so the club has a deal for you. Members can now buy firewood from the club, if they bring their own trailer.

Trailer load prices

Pine $120

You need to play the club online (just call the office, they’ll help) before picking up the wood, and email the club saying when you want to get it.


Firewood can be picked up from the greenkeepers’ shed between 8am-3pm, Monday to Friday.


Twenty four hardy Wednesday clubbers turned up today for a par competition despite the cold. There was little contest at the top of the leaderboard with Luke Underwood having a comfortable victory on +3. Dave Norton was second on +1 and was the only other player in positive territory. Balls were also given to the four players on -1. Keith Gaskin was NTP but gave the pig its due. There was only a single two to Marcus Henry on the 13th. Many people may have suspected that they would get a ball for the wrong reason but it was Fergus McLean who prevailed.






Message from KGC COMMITTEE




Dear Members

You will have noticed a number of changes in the Committee during lockdown (much time was spent in Zoom meetings) with my election as President, the appointment of Adrian Porter as Club Manager to handle the daily operations of the club, and with the resignation of club Captain Carl Beentjes Fiona Kearns has taken the role of overall Club Captain. She will liaise closely with Matt Spraggs on course maintenance and development though that side of the club is in great shape, excepting for the bridges.
We also realised that we needed an increased focus on increasing membership, improving social activities and on increasing the revenue side of the clubs operations, cost cutting measures having been exhausted in the past few years. Since the re-opening after lockdown we have seen a small but encouraging increase in new members, and an increase in revenues from green fees, but more is needed.
Our current situation is as follows:
a. The Coronavirus did not impact us significantly due to the Government's wage subsidy, some gains in green fees etc. Overall, we had a break even position after two months' lockdown. However we expect to run at a deficit this year, and in the future unless action is taken to improve the situation.
b.  After more than a year’s delay, the sale of the first section behind the greenkeepers shed is near the end of its complicated subdivision and consenting process and we expect to receive the purchase price in a few weeks' time. However a number of development and legal expenses were incurred by the club to take us to this position, reducing the net proceeds.
c. We cannot sell another section for 5-years
d.  Our revenues have reduced due to significant decline of membership, from 330 in 2018 to just under 300 currently.
e. While we have lower revenues costs are increasing and there is a backlog of deferred maintenance. This and a number of capital requirements mean that the revenues from the section sale are largely committed. Examples of maintenance requirements on the clubhouse include the kitchen roof (skylight) that has been leaking for many years (the interior damage needs to be assessed), rotten beams and post at the front of the clubrooms, and blocked drainage outside the clubhouse posts. We are working on these  but the extent of repairs is not yet known. On the course, we have at least two bridges which have collapsed and need immediate attention while we have a major exercise to remove the wood from the course. For the equipment and vehicles, we will need a new rough mower and replacement of the tractor in the next 2 to 3 years
There is nothing terminal here but we are sharing with you the challenges we face as a club and look forward to members support in finding ways to increase the revenue side of our business. However we are also reviewing subscriptions which are amongst the lowest in the region, and which have not been increased since 2014 despite cost increases in all areas. We expect to confirm a modest increase, to apply from 1 October, shortly.
The President and Committee KGC


Karori Golf Club
(04) 476-7337
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