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Friday Flash

Dear Member


Rain, rain, go away. There's a watery theme this week. We just want to ensure everyone remains safe out there, players and greenkeepers. But first, our big Sunday tournament.


This post-Covid club celebration Ambrose has so far attracted eight teams for Sunday 10am. You can still register at



There are four tee times available before 8am for members who don't wish to play in the Ambrose, but please be clear be clear of the 9th by 10am


There will be no Gaskies, Shirties, Matt’s Mob or Club Day this Sunday, with the course closed from 7.58am-12.30am.

There will be laughs aplenty, coronavirus-related rules, and jolly japes in the clubhouse later.

As well with it being nine holes we will all be back in time to see who wins the Bertram Cup final.

Interested? Here’s how you enter. Go to to register online or confirm your teams to, or write it up on the wall in the lobby.


The finals are on Sunday, with these elite combos in action.

Adrian Porter & Anthony Bryant v Paul Hawkes & Dave Cullen.


There will be a presentation to winners around 12.30 in the clubrooms. 


Due to the heavy rain during the week, the course has been closed to carts. If that changes an email will go out.



Don’t forget greenkeepers have the right of way on the course. If they’re in range, or on a green with the flags out don’t blaze away. Please be patient, just think how smooth and true the greens will be once they’ve departed.

Help out the greenkeepers by repairing your pitch marks on the greens, and divots on the fairways. And don’t forget to thank them for their hard work.

Here is a photo to help you recognise a greenkeeper. Karori’s are cooler.



After all the rain over the last week it’s muddy, it’s soft, so there is placing through the green. That means you can legally place the ball within 15cm, anywhere except in a hazard.



Be careful around the course. There are lots of slippery bits, even the fleet footed Don McCrone has slipped. Watch your footing, use the netted part of the bridges. If you’ve hit your ball on to a potential area of peril remember its cheaper and less painful to leave it there than hurt yourself.



The tree which fell behind the 1st tee has been moved so it’s out of the way, BUT take care if you’re using the path to the 5th or 8th. 


DOGS OF KARORI GC (a three-part feature)

Otto McSlinky Richards, the White Swiss Shepherd has grown up on the green pastures and rolling hills of Royal Karori GC. The jury is still out on his caddying abilities always telling his player to aim for the ruff and bounce it off the bark. Wicked swing dancer and great fun at weddings but you wouldn't let him babysit your kids.  Can bark fluently in both German and French, wuff wuff, ouaf, jappe jappe. Loves a skinny dip in the lake on 14, chasing errant rabbits and rolling in duck poo. Like all of his fellow golfing mates is disappointed at losing his balls.


Men’s interclub restarts on Saturday. Karori was buzzing in the interclub when play was halted.

Our women’s bronze pennants were 3rd; the women’s nine-hole team (unbeaten) are 4th; men’s division 2 are 2nd; men’s division 5 are 1st, as are men’s division 9.

The men’s teams

DIVISION 2 (v Otaki @ Karori)

1. Deane Milne 2. Scott McHardy 3. Adrian Porter 4. Tim Richards 5. Trevor Brown 6. Dave Thorburn 7. Mike Wood 8. Dominic Milicich 9. Ardi Roberts 10. Dave Farmer


DIVISION 5 (away to Otaki)

1. Mark Peck, 2. Ngatau Hemopo, 3. Keith Chung, 4. Grant Pollard, 5.

Gary Clarke, 6. Eugene Doyle, 7. Gerry Verhaart, 8. Mark Graham, 9.

Keith Atkinson, 10. Nelson Laureles.


DIVISION 9 (away to Waikanae)

1. Alex Lim, 2. Geoff Parr, 3. Matt Kell, 4. Sar Palado, 5. Russell Turner, 6. Matthew Everett, 7. Rhys Nimmo, 8. Kevin Norquay, 9. Luke Underwood, 10. Mark Noblett.



Monday - Closed

Tuesday 9am-3pm 

Wednesday 9.30am-4.30pm

Thursday Closed

Friday 9.30am-3.30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

FIREWOOD (keep warm, help the club)
It’s winter, it’s a bit brisk already. You need to keep warm, so the club has a deal for you. Members can now buy firewood from the club, if they bring their own trailer.

Trailer load prices

Pine $120
Macrocarpa  $140

You need to play the club online (just call the office, they’ll help) before picking up the wood, and email the club saying when you want to get it.


Firewood can be picked up from the greenkeepers’ shed between 8am-3pm, Monday to Friday.


The previous week’s competition had to be cancelled because only 9 players turned up. The weather at KGC was actually magnificent, despite the forecast. Makara has a micro climate so don’t rely on the Wellington forecast.

Wise old Wednesday club heads can tell you that it may be wet, with gale force winds in Karori, the golf course may be calm and dry. Please come to the course and decide it there and then, rather than prejudge the weather.


In the chill of this week there was a smaller crowd than usual with 27 players. The scores were not as flash as usual. The winner was Alex Lim with a stableford score of 36, runner up is Terry Mcalister with 34. Balls were distributed down to 32.


Another player who knew why he got a prize despite a dreadful day at the office is Doug Calhoun. Nearest the pin went to Martin who missed a short putt, so fed the pig fund.


Expert raffle seller Terry had a lucky day since he won the raffle’s second prize, the top prize went to Ian Patience and 3rd prize to Steve.



FRIDAY CLUB (rain stopped play)





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