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Level 2 is looming, so here’s hoping we can all be back out on the course in our usual groups, chatting up a storm, and having heavily populated club days.

And here’s hoping we can all be back in the clubrooms scoffing Debbie’s delicious toasties and chips. But first, we’ve got more Level 3 to get through.

It has been impressive how well members have adapted to the Government restrictions. It has almost been as if Jacinda was watching.

Maybe it was the burly security guards we’ve had on the gates, ensuring the Covid-19 regulations were followed. Not our fault sorry, it was the law. The burly security guards will be in place again this weekend.

A 'FEARSOME' security guard monitors the gates at Karori Golf Club.

So members must continue to book on the DotGolf app, so that the club can monitor who is on the course, as it must do. We have been notified that police ‘spot checks‘ are being made.

If you’re rumbled chipping on to the 13th with a bag of clubs nearby, it will be pretty hard to talk yourself out of trouble, and it will reflect poorly on the club, especially if police relate your excuse that you were duck hunting to the news media.

If you’re halfway down Makara Hill and realise you’ve forgotten to book, fear not. Members can ‘check in’ on the DotGolf app upon arriving at the club as there is wifi at the spot where the cones/signs are on the driveway.


The greenkeepers have done a fantastic job and the course is looking in great condition, and in the autumn sunshine it’s back to the grassy heaven they had it at prior to coronavirus.

With a few rusty swings in action, areas other than tee boxes, fairways and greens have been sampled by the Level 3 early adopters.

After two rounds Kevin Norquay can report the hazards on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15, 16 are doing their jobs just as well as before.

LEVEL 2 (not yet be PATIENT)

Pubs and bars will be open under level 2 abiding by the 100 people per venue guidelines, so the clubrooms could be back under whatever restrictions are imposed. At bars be prepared to order drinks from a table, not the bar.

Previously under level two outdoor events were capped at 500, but that has been changed. The maximum number of people for any gathering, indoors or out, remains at 100. Across an entire golf course that won’t apply, but it will inside, so try not to all rush to the loo at the same time.


Karori Golf Club has a list of 20 Government imposed regulations to follow, and we won’t bore you with them all here, but they are very specific - laws, essentially. Members are being trusted to do the right thing.

Read the restrictions below and follow them. Please DO NOT try to get around them, this advice comes not from the committee but the Prime Minister, the Minister of Sport, MBIE and the head of Golf New Zealand, Dean Murphy.


Members should not put themselves at risk by playing the course. ‘At risk people’ (including those over 70) may need to take extra measures to protect themselves.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern briefs the nation on the proposed new 8th fairway at Karori Golf Club.


  • Only financial club members can play.

  • You may play on your own or in your “bubble” as constituted under Covid Level 3 requirements. No ‘golfers bubbles may be formed’. 

  • you MUST make a booking via the Dot Golf system no later than 5pm the day before you wish to play. For health and tracing, no play is allowed without a registration via the Dot Golf system. 

  • Only one booking per member may be held at any one time. Adrian Porter will oversee all bookings. If you don’t have a booking you will be asked to leave.

  • Arrive ready to play and leave immediately after play.

  • Play will be monitored by greenkeepers, and committee members. 

  • With such small groups, there will be stress on the course access. On Saturdays and Sundays it’s only nine holes, teeing off at holes 1 or 10. On weekdays 18 holes will be allowed - teeing off at the 1st only.

  • Tee starting times are 8am until 2pm. Each time slot is 10 minutes apart, with one slot at 20 past the hour reserved for a “bubble”.

  • The main gates (only point of entry and exit) will be opened at 7.45am and close at 4pm (don’t meander if you’re in the 2pm slot!)

  •  The clubhouse will be closed, as will all toilets (go at home or suffer!!), the practice green, fairway, net, ball washers and drinking fountain. 

  • Don’t uses the seats around the course, don’t use carts 

  • Don’t get within two metres of other players who aren’t in your bubble. Don’t hug the greenkeepers out of relief, or pat their dogs.

  • Play to the hole in the centre of each green, where the hole cup will be inverted. 

  • No flagsticks or bunker rakes on the course. Please smooth out bunkers as well as you can

  • No scorecards will be provided, no scores can be entered.


What is the name of the bear?


You’ll be itching to get outside, so we have a deal for you. We are planning a Post Lockdown Clean Up, and not only with hand sanitiser!


RE OPENING AMBROSE. We’re looking at 9 holes. The clubrooms renamed the Covid 19th Hole for the day. 

Team names will be allocated, and the prizes won’t be first, second, third, last - they will be Level 4, Level 3, Level 2 and Self Isolate We Don’t Want to Catch Your Crummy Shots


Do you know a member who lives alone, and is struggling to get groceries? Are you a member who lives alone, and craves a chat? Karori Golf Club is more than just about golf, we’re a community and we look after each other. If you know someone who could need help, or if you need help, get in touch. Our members are our greatest resource, we have access to a broad range of skills, and many caring people. Together, we are stronger.


When the Karori Golf Club bar reopens, the Trumpini Covid Cocktail will be an option.

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