The countdown is over, the RWC starts tonight, but no reason not to come out to the course this weekend, especially with the weather looking much better than it turned out to be last weekend.

This Weekend’s Events

Tomorrow our women’s Saturday Club are playing Par and men members can play for the September Monthly Medal, which will be competed for in 2 divisions, with the lower handicappers off the blue tees and the higher handicappers off the white tees. They get a second opportunity on Sunday. Medal winners qualify for the Top Dog playoff scheduled for Saturday 7th December.

Also on Sunday it is the semi finals of the men’s match play championships. Best of luck to all those who have got this far.

Deane Milne sent us these photos taken from last Sunday’s quarter finals:



Back 9 Closed on Monday for Tree Culling Around 10th Green

The first of our tree culling program for which we received a grant from the Lion Foundation will start on Monday, beginning with trees around the 10th green. Because this area is also the gateway to the 11th hole, we have decided for safety reasons to close the back 9 on Monday. We will also create a temporary tee for the 9th hole, down below the regular tee block, but please be careful when approaching this area and obey any instructions of the tree workers or our greens staff. Please also don’t encroach over any marked off areas.

The tree workers will be back again next Thursday – we will send out an email on Wednesday advising where they will be working and what the implications will be for players that day.

Women’s Tuesday Club

A group of a dozen 9 hole mid week ladies turned up on fine but blustery Tuesday to either play in the Club Championships or a Nett game. The winners from the club champs were Hilary Holm, Loreen Brehaut, Kath Robinson and Marion Thompson. Well done ladies. The winner of the nett game was Ingrid Rampton with 33 nett.

Men’s Wednesday Club

It was a magnificent day without any wind, cool with plenty of sunshine. The golf course is in immaculate condition throughout and no wonder many players had fantastic scores and enjoyed themselves. We had two regular visitors Jeff Haigh and Denis Cox to boost the attendance to 30. The winner on the day was Graham Presland with a score of 42, followed closely with 40 points by Gunter Karau. The third placed winner was Keith Gaskin whose gross was one over his age. Balls were distributed to those on 34 and over.

Other prizes: NTP was won by Patrick but he failed to make two so had to donate the pig fund, there were no Twos in the whole field and the bunny went to Ian Bates who still recovers from his hand surgery, a very good excuse.

For raffles, the winner was Mike Suggate, the EV (Electric Vehicle) enthusiast, followed by Mark Dinsdale who will collect the prize later and Mark Graham.

Please be advised that the next game on Wed 26 Sept will be the second leg of the Bogey Cup but those who did not participate in the last game are eligible for the normal Wednesday competition.

It should be noted that for the first time, everybody came back to the club house after only 30 minutes when the first team finished. A good achievement for speedy play. So, keep it up by going to the next tee and playing before recording the scores in the last hole.

Regards, Victor

Penalty Areas

Those of you who have been out to the course this past week will no doubt have noticed the shiny bright red penalty posts that our green keepers have installed, creating new penalty areas and converting yellow areas to red ones. Unfortunately we underestimated the number of posts we needed and so at this stage, have only done the front 9. Note that we have created 2 new penalty areas – along the right hand side of the 3rd fairway and left of the white and yellow tees on the 7th. Please note the following implications of having created these new penalty areas:

· If you hit your drive on the 3rd up into the rough on the bank on the right hand side forward of the creek you are now allowed to take a penalty drop from this rough within 2 club lengths of where you last crossed the penalty area, not nearer the hole.

· You no longer get a free drop from the man made drain that runs alongside this area of rough as it is now within the penalty area.

· Under the alternative stroke and distance rule that the club adopted this year as part of the new 2019 rules, it has been possible up until now, if your ball was lost in the rough on the right hand side of the 3rd fairway, to take a drop onto the fairway, within 2 club lengths of the edge of the fairway in line with where you lost the ball, for a penalty of 2 strokes. Now that this area has been marked as a penalty area, this is no longer an option.

· If your drive off the blue tees on the 7th doesn’t reach the fairway but ends up in the rough left of and below the white tee and the path leading from the white tee to the fairway, then depending on where you crossed the edge of the penalty area you may be able to drop onto the white or yellow tee blocks.

Donation Receipts

Everyone who has made a donation to the club this year should have received a formal receipt from us that you can use to claim a tax refund. Please let us know if you think you are still due one from us. Note also that you can now submit these to the IRD as you receive them, rather than have to store them until next April. Recent advise from the IRD is as follows:

“Recent improvements to our myIR Secure Online Services make it easier for your supporters to claim a tax credit when they donate to you.

Once registered for a myIR account, supporters can upload their receipts in myIR at any time. They can upload photos or scans of paper receipts, but if you provide an electronic receipt this makes it even easier.
At the end of the tax year, your supporters won’t have to complete a paper form. We’ll automatically calculate the credit and pay it into their bank account within three weeks.”

Happy golfing, play safely,

Your KGC Committee