A mixed bag this week, with a very busy day on Queens Birthday Monday making up for the limited play over the weekend, the women’s Tuesday club also enjoying good conditions, but the men’s Wednesday club being well and truly rained off. As a result of all the rain we had on Wednesday, much of the 16th fairway and around the 17th tee is very boggy and although Matt reports today that the wind is helping dry out the course, we have made the following ruling about carts this weekend:

· We will close the course for carts to green fee players

· Members will be allowed to use carts but on condition that they park them on the driveway crossing the 16th and 17th fairways and walk up the 16th and back down the 17th

Also, cart users please note that we have revised our cart safety guidelines to disallow carts driving up to the white and blue tees on the 16th hole. Up until now carts have been allowed to drive up to the white tees but not the blue ones, but from now on they must be parked at the bottom of the path. A copy of the updated guidelines is attached.

This Weekend’s Events

Tomorrow our women’s Saturday club are playing Nett.

On Sunday we were due to play the qualification round of the Bertram Cup, our main pairs event for the year. However, given that we have less than 16 entries, we have decided to dispense with the qualification round and simply do a random draw to determine first round match ups for the first knock out round on Sunday 16th. As a result we will leave entries open until next Thursday and will do the draw next Friday. If you haven’t already entered but wish to, email the club so that we can keep track of the number of entries

Placing Through the Green

With parts of the course now quite wet, we have decided not to revert back to Placing on Own Fairway and will now likely keep Placing Through the Green for the rest of winter. As reiterated in last week’s Friday Flash, please take care navigating your way around the course as our slopes and bridges could be slippery. Carts need to be especially careful on our slopes and must avoid waterlogged patches.

Women’s Tuesday Club

On Tuesday the 9 hole ladies played their 8th round of the Medley competition which is a Nett game. Once again we had 3 players coming in with the same score - 36 nett. Connie Lee was declared the winner with Hilary Holm 2nd and Jane Campbell 3rd.

Men’s Wednesday Club

Well done to Ian Bates and John Markham who came out to the course in case there was any chance of play, while everyone else was snuggled up at home.

Course Update

The split tree on the LHS of the 10th fairway has now been cleared. Other tree work is planned once the land sale has been finalised, which is currently awaiting subdivision approval.

Matt has been digging on the 11th to try and identify the location of the potential leak in the irrigation pipe that crosses that fairway and which is suspected to be the source of the water that emerges under the tree on the LHS of the fairway. As yet he has been unable to locate it and is concerned that there may be a spring that is accentuating the problem, especially given the amount of water that has flowed down onto the 16th fairway and around the 17th tee this week.

Matt has also obtained the use of a digger with which to redo the drain around the 18th green, to try and fix the bogginess down the RHS of the green.

We have a new sign to replace the tired looking one at our front entrance but will need to reset the posts that hold it before we can install it, which unfortunately is not as easy as it sounds given the planting all around the sign and their associated tree roots.

Wellington Dementia Golf Initiative

Wellington Dementia has instigated a golfing program for former golfers who are now suffering dementia but still have their muscle memory and therefore still able to swing a golf club. They play 9 holes at Heretaunga every second Monday of the month in a pairs format, playing alternate shots with whoever has picked them up and taken them out to the course. The golf is free, and begins with a light lunch at 11.30 and a few swings on the driving range and putting green before going out to play on Royal’s “Inner Course”. The program is proving very popular to the extent that more drivers are needed to pick up and partner the players. If you are interested in helping out please ring Jono Wake on 027-453-8227.

Entertainment Books

The 2018/19 books have now expired. If you haven’t already purchased your 2019/20 edition, we still have a couple of hard copies available for purchase from the shop, or alternatively, order a digital version via this link:

Entertainment Book