Friday Flash - December 11 2020

Christmas is looming at the end of a torrid year. It’s time to pay tribute to the efforts of all members for keeping the club vibrant in a year when covid mucked us all around big time. A special thanks to the greenkeepers, the committee members, and members – especially those who weeded creeks, lugged firewood and tidied up for the City of Wellington.

(A big thanks to Kevin Norquay who has been putting the FF together every week!)


Matt’s Message

This weather of a couple of fine days and then rain means the course remains very green for this time of the year - which is great for us golfers yet means extra work for greenkeepers to keep the mowing under control. Please give way to greenstaff when they are doing their job so they can keep the course looking great!  Also another reminder to beware of rabbit holes on the course - our burrowing friends are back!  After our recent weather we ask that you treat all fallen branches in piles as GUR and take care walking under our pine trees (particularly in gusty winds).  It is great to see pitch marks being repaired on the greens and also people taking sand buckets to fill in divot holes made by yourself and others.

Annual General Meeting 

The Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 5 December at 9.30am. The Annual Report by Victor Diem highlighted the challenging year we have had and gave insight to how we have worked to overcome this. 

One of the very exciting aspects of this meeting was when Jono reported that the landsale had been completed and money is now deposited into our account. This was met with hearty applause. We are fully aware of the capital items that have been prioritise yet know that we want to keep up the positive marketing and branding of Karori Golf Club as a fantastic golfing destination.

Another highlight of this meeting was unanimous approval of David Sercombe as a Life Member. As a founding member of the club he has contributed significantly to fostering the love of game of golf at Karori. His warmth and friendship has been appreciated by many members over many, many years.

His enthusiasm and passion has been willingly shared with others. We have valued his contribution and the extensive work done to ensure we have captured an archive of our past. We congratulate him on this Life Membership achievement.


Winner of the Club Day AGM Stableford competition was Ian Patience with a very credible 39 points followed closely by Gail Kirkland and Fiona Kearns on 37 points.

Shoot Out Results

The gunslingers met on a brilliantly sunny Sunday ready to do battle. Amongst the fold were a number of newbies to this competition. Once we had established rules, chilly binned up with drink and refreshments they headed to the No. 8 tee to do battle. The quality was high this year, with chip offs generally required to split off the tailender.

Here’s how it went …

Out on 8: Tim Richards, trees left couldn’t recover.

Out on 9: Boyd Kenna, trees ruined his chances

Out on 10: Garth Mickell, slayed by a duffed pitch

Out on 11: David Petersen, putting woes on an unreadble green

Out on 12: Stu Preston, lost in a chip off

Out on 13: Kevin Norquay, 5th in a 5-way chip off

Out on 14: Gary Clarke, a hazardous exit

Out on 15: Marcus Henry, trees right, took a while to emerge and he emerged with a snowman.

Out on 16: Adrian Porter, no details - we have agreed not to mention the four-putt

Out on 17: John Healy, couldn’t afford a slip up with rivals getting a shot, but three-putted

Out on 18: Jono Wake, in a chip off

AND THE WINNER WAS – Nick Allen, well done Nick, and a very gracious winner he was too.


Sunday 6 December 2020


1st place – Top Gun Trophy WinnerNick Allen



2nd place - Runner up Jono Wake

3rd place John Healy

4th place Adrian Porter

5th place Marcus Henry

6th place Gary Clarke

7th place Kevin Norquay

8th place Stuart Preston

9th place David Petersen

10th place Garth Mickell

11th place Boyd  Kenna

12th place Tim Richards




1st place  Shoot Out Winner - Denise Marten

2nd place -     Fiona Kearns

Closing Day  Ambrose - Notice of Prizewinners

This is a reminder to get your names down for the Closing Day. Ambrose on Sunday 13 December.  This is a four-person event. At the conclusion of play we will have our prize giving.


All the very best to Tim, Luke and Phil,  our Champs who heading off to Manor Park Golf Club to play in this event on Sunday 13 December. We hope that the weather and golfing gods are kind to you!


Nick will be the first one to enter into this competition on Monday after his victory last Sunday. To encourage participation and enjoyment we have made some changes to the format of the Men’s and Women’s Shoot Out for 2021.

To enter is easy - all you need to do is register and pay online on our website  this makes it easy for the organisers to track payment

This entry enables you to push “SHOOTOUT” on the computer screen and this gives you a300+ days to get your best 10 rounds in, once in the competition you can tick shoot out every time you play.

The more people who enter the higher the prize pool!  Let’s make 2021 a fantastic SHOOT OUT year! 

Men’s Shoot Out Competition Qualification guidelines

  This competition runs each day from the day after closing day 14 December 2020 till 28     

               November. 2021

  Stableford rounds to qualify are played off the ‘white tee’ markers

  It  costs $25 to enter for the entire year pay online/shop

  Money from entry is collected for the ‘prize pool’ for the competition finals day

    To qualify you must enter push SHOOTOUT on the computer and enter your score online

  Ten scores are to count to qualify for this event

  If players cannot make the finals then the next ranked player can join (even without 10 

               scores counting)

  In the event that players have qualified but are unavailable then the next player on the 

               list is added

  Qualification ranking for the SHOOTOUT determines your choice of position in the order 

               of play


Men’s Shoot Out Competition Finals Day guidelines

  Nineteen gunslingers qualify for this event which is over 18 holes 

  Tee off is usually 8am - 8.30am

  Shot holes and scores are marked on Sheriff’s recording sheet

  It is played off the ‘yellow tees’ with the index giving ‘yellow tee handicap’

  After each hole the person with the highest nett score is eliminated

  If there are equal two highest nett scores  a “chip off” takes place from a designated area 

              Nominated by the “Sheriff”

  The final SHOOTOUT competition day is based on nett medal for each hole

  Play ready golf - when you get to the green the closest balls are played first

  Once you have been eliminated then you have a drink and something to eat!

Women’s Shoot Out

This is a similar format to the Men’s competition  but is  over 9 holes. 

Adopt a Ditch - Volunteers needed…….

Still have some creeks/streams needing caretakers to keep them tidy and under control. We are looking for groups of people to help. There will be some photos and guidelines developed to ensure all those who volunteer are aware of potential risks and safety precautions needed. We are still seeking more volunteers - if we all pitch in then it means we can spread the responsibility.  Great to see so many people offering to be part of the solution. Thanks.



We have a delivery of colourful ladies gloves from Footjoy, there is also a big box of used balls now available. We have some fantastic Tiltleist caps available $35 without KGC Logo, I will have some available with the Karori Golf Club Logo in time for Christmas.  Remember we still have Pro V’s at $79.99 a doz and some nice Footjoy KGC Polos.

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