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Friday Flash

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After all the sanitiser, social distancing, bans on flag touching, bans on greenkeeping, contact tracing IT’S TIME FOR FUN.

We present THE RUNNING OF THE GOATS, our coronavirus-themed reopening Ambrose. It’s kind of Secret Sanitiser (like Secret Santa only cleaner), with entrants bringing their own prizes for the prize table.

There will be laughs aplenty, coronavirus-related rules, and jolly japes in the clubhouse later. As well with it being nine holes we will all be back in time to see who wins the Bertram Cup final.

Interested? Click the picture above to register

or Go to to register.
Once Registered email your team to, or write it up on the wall in the lobby.
If you haven't got a team register yourself and we will find a team for you.

Running of the Goats organisers (from left) Norks, Otto, Timbo, delighted with their plan for the team that finishes last.



Due to heavy rain during the week, the course has been closed to carts. If that changes an email will go out. Looking at the weather forecast, don’t check for emails too often.

A group of green fee players on the first, on Thursday morning.



The semifinals are on Sunday, with these elite combos in action!


Boyd Kenna & Gary Clarke v  Adrian Porter & Anthony Bryant 

Paul Hawkes & Dave Cullen v Jo Hurst & Antony Kennedy


Interclub will restart this month. Karori was buzzing in the interclub when play was halted.

Our women’s bronze pennants were 3rd; the women’s nine-hole team (unbeaten) are 4th; men’s division 2 are 2nd; men’s division 5 are 1st, as are men’s division 9.

The men’s teams (other than Div 9) have been named.


1. Deane Milne 2. Scott McHardy 3. Adrian Porter 4. Tim Richards 5. Trevor Brown 6. Dave Thorburn 7. Mike Wood 8. Dominic Milicich 9. Ardi Roberts 10. Dave Farmer



1. Mark Peck, 2. Ngatau Hemopo, 3. Keith Chung, 4. Grant Pollard, 5.

Gary Clarke, 6. Eugene Doyle, 7. Gerry Verhaart, 8. Mark Graham, 9.

Keith Atkinson, 10. Nelson Laureles.


Monday - Closed

Tuesday 9am-3pm 

Wednesday 9.30am-4.30pm

Thursday Closed

Friday 9.30am-3.30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm


Help out the greenkeepers by repairing your pitch marks on the greens, and divots on the fairways. And don’t forget to thank them for their hard work.

FIREWOOD (keep warm, help the club)
It’s winter, it’s a bit brisk already. You need to keep warm, so the club has a deal for you. Members can now buy firewood from the club, if they bring their own trailer.

Trailer load prices

Pine $120
Macrocarpa  $140

You need to pay the club online before picking up the wood, and email the club saying when you want to get it.


Firewood can be picked up from the greenkeepers’ shed between 8am-3pm, Monday to Friday. (we would advise you to call first 04 476 8051 is the greenkeepers number)

AND NO, we will not be chopping down the tree on the second, or that evil leaning one that ruins approach shots on 18.


A recent Facebook survey came out heavily in favour of the tree on 2 staying “Over my dead body (it goes),” Don McCrone was quoted as saying.

QUIZ, SPOT TREE: put an X where you think the tree on the second is.



Last week the club called for incredibly good looking and strong members to move the logs on the ninth, and look what happened. Two ticks.







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