Dear Member

At last we’ve reached Level 2 (or we will on Thursday) and this weekend Karori Golf Club will seem a little more like normal, with groups able to play again, rather than just the singles we’ve had to adopt.

The Clubhouse and Bar will re-open on Saturday serving food and drinks. You must sit only in the group you played with and distance yourselves from others. For example all the Shirties and Gaskies cannot sit all together at the same table ! 


Of course there are still a long list of Government-imposed regulations, so before we outline those here are three GOOD THINGS, particularly if you’re a yippy putter:

1 the clubrooms and shop will reopen


3 you can now play 18 holes at the weekend

4 for the sake of good health, GIMMES ARE ALLOWED

Flags are back this weekend. Look, admire, but don’t touch!!!

We are getting a bit closer to normality. Simply, the club has to observe social distancing, trace and track and washing cleaning protocols. The aim is to keep all club members safe so that the arrival of normal life is not delayed.

And now all the precautions KGC must observe (again, these are no our rules, but those of the Government and we must abide by them).

Ready? Let’s tee off then.

What’s open: on course toilets, clubroom, practice green, driving nets, driving range, cart access.

What’s closed: Drinking taps and ball washers, pitch n’putt course, hire clubs.

What’s open, but to be used sparingly: On course seats. Please keep touching these seats to a minimum, if at all .


Unwell players are not to come to the course. If you have a cold, sore throat, or a cough please think of others, and don’t come out to the course.

Wash, wash, wash: players should wash their hands regularly, particularly before and after their round. Hand wipes and sanitiser will be available in the toilets. Please wipe down all areas you have touched.


All players, members and green fee players must book online, Don’t simply turn up and venture out on to the course thats illegal. If you have the DotGolf app use the wifi in the club to checkin when you arrive.

If you don't have the app, When the office is unattended the players’ list will be located downstairs near the log in screen.


People who are in the clubhouse, but not playing, must also register, so we can track and trace.


Cards can be obtained but not to be touched - marked or signed - by another player. Please wipe the computer screen after use. Scores can be entered digitally using hands cleaning protocols. Scores can also be entered on the DotGolf scoring app.


  • Clubs and carts stored at the club, can be used by one player only.

  • When retrieving these from storage please do not touch anyone else’s clubs trundler

  • Wipe down the key pad door handle after use.

  • Hire clubs will not be available, but golf carts can be hired.

  • Private carts should be restricted to just the one user under level 2.


Please note carts can no longer cross the bridge at No 2, you must go via tee No 3. Do not try to get a good run up, and leap the creek … 

Trying to leap the creek on No 2 is against KGC policy, and common sense. Use the 3rd fairway.


  • Tee times are 10 minutes apart. Groups must wait for the correct time to tee off, not simply fire away after the group in front has played their second shot.

  • Golfing groups must maintain their distance from each other. Hitting wild slices and hooks onto other fairways will therefore be frowned up!

  • Flagsticks will be on the course but don’t touch them - putt with the flagstick in. Short “gimme“ putts should be given.

  • Bunkers will be designated GUR  - they are not up to standard as yet. There will be no bunker rakes on the course

  • Could players please remember to replace divots and pitch marks

Replace those divots. Put a smile on the face of greenkeeper Matt Spraggs.



  • Players must sit with those they played with, even if there’s been a rules dispute during the round, or someone is bitter about losing the haggle.

  • Tables will be “distanced” according to Government rules, please observe those rules.

  • Only one player to approach the bar area at a time. There will be social distancing marks on the floor, no more than three at a time in the line.

  • Only Eftpos will be accepted in the clubhouse  - no cash - please sanitise hands before and  after use. Sanitiser will be available.

  • Shop will be open  please do not touch any items you do not wish to purchase.

Ok, this is NOT the way we want the queue at the bar or toilets to look.


The greenkeepers have done a fantastic job and the course is looking in great condition, and in the autumn sunshine it’s back to the grassy heaven they had it at prior to coronavirus.


You’ll be itching to get outside, so we have a deal for you. We are planning a Post Lockdown Clean Up, and not only with hand sanitiser!


RE OPENING AMBROSE. We’re looking at 9 holes. The clubrooms renamed the Covid 19th Hole for the day. 

Team names will be allocated, and the prizes won’t be first, second, third, last - they will be Level 4, Level 3, Level 2 and Self Isolate We Don’t Want to Catch Your Crummy Shots


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