Great Golfing Conditions at KGC with special offers to match
Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to play golf - the weather is still mild and fairways are returning to their emerald best. But dont take our word for it - if you are not a member, come on out and see for yourself, our scenic course is only 25 minutes from the CBD. As well as competitive green fees we have excellent introductory and age group membership deals. If you decide to join after playing a round we will deduct your green fee off your introductory rate.
The best way to book a tee time is from this site but you can also phone (04) 476 7337.
Prospective members can join up by completing the application form on this website or ring/email the club. Alternatively come on out for a round and if you then decide to join, we will deduct the green fee off your membership fee. 
50th Anniversary CELEBRATIONS
The draw for the Jubilee tournament on Saturday 17th March is as follows:
No 1 Tee, Luke Underwood David Eyre Simon O'Shaughnessy Gerald Ross
2nd OFF Graham Dray Graeme Crocker Helga Karau Dave Burton
3rd OFF Nicola Lowe Rosemary Burns Monty Arnett Bob Cavana
No 3 Tee, Emanual Orduna Nelson Laureles Victor Esguerra Sar Palado
2nd OFF Elizabeth Wagner John Stubbe Mary Kavanach Tim Richards
No 5 Tee, Pat Johnson Dave Cullen Perry Florence Keith Gaskin
2nd OFF Ramlal Misra Jose Ribeiro Matthew Harvey Gerd Warnke
3rd OFF Terry Bastion Brigitte B-Brednich Rolf Brednich Karen Simcox
No 8 Tee, Paul Hawkes Celia Howden Richard Reith Marilyn Goddard
2nd OFF Ian Bates Victor Diem John Markham David Norton
3rd OFF Gunter Karau Satish Chandra Michael Weaver Shelley Hall
No 10 Tee, Graham Black Dave Thorburn Jono Wake Ingrid Rampton
2nd OFF Sue Mclaren Rose Rigarlsford Fergus McLean Chris Pearce
3rd OFF Carl Beentjes Saint Kennach Sue Murray
John McDougall
No 14 Tee Buster Booth Ben Wynne-Lewis Will Fleishl Sebastian Averill
2nd OFF James Ryan Conor O'Fee Nathan Spence Seb Doelle
3rd OFF Geoff Lee Jo Hurst Gail Kirkland Antony Kennedy
No 16 Tee Steve Witkowski Dick Borgdorff Adrian Porter Bruce Tie
2nd OFF Steve Robinson Ngatau Hemopo Keith Chung Paul Cheng
3rd OFF Fiona Kearns Mike Quinn Trevor Brown Alan Thomson
Registration and complimentary morning tea is from 8.30am. Please make sure you have registered by 9.30 in time to tee off at 10am.
One of the great groups at Karori is the Wednesday Club who get together from about 10.30 each Wednesday for a disc draw at 10.50.  Visitors are most welcome to join this friendly bunch of golfers for a weekly competition.  
Video found from the Dawn of Karori Golf
 Adrian Porter posted some wonderful footage from The Dawn of Karori Golf Club when our foundation members rolled up their sleeves, jumped on the tractor and cranked up the chainsaw to create our course.  Check it out here.
And for a current view of the first hole from the air, click here:
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